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Buckinghamshire, Burnham -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/07/2013 -- The six figure mentors is headed by the brainchild of the internet entrepreneur and the founder, Stuart Ross. It had developed a ground breaking platform which allows its members to have their own turn-key solutions in the internet home business online marketing field. The service provided by the SFM is what people long for after spending hours searching online. The members of SFM will set the agenda themselves and thus the knowledge is shared.

They support to build its members’ online success. They provide efficient training and mentoring for members to reach their goal in home business or online marketing. “We are committed to the principle of creating value, using this as the foundation of everything we do,” says the SFM team. They provide back-office training on the technical knowledge required for the business and also the marketing techniques. Through the use of genuine videos related to the task needed by the member, an instructor shows how they complete it in real time. Members are allowed to use free and paid techniques according to their budget.

The priceless advice shared by the mentors who have gone through the highs and lows in the internet industry are shared among their students. Up-to-date and relevant information are provided by the mentors. Basic training in designing websites, sending automated messages and in turning sales is also given. The six figure mentors show their members how to utilize the social media to their advantage (Twitter, YouTube and Facebook).

“We’re committed to protecting the integrity of our company. We see this both, as an expression of enlightened self-interest, and as a protection of the stewardship our members have entrusted us with” says the SFM team. Thus, the membership to the SFM is limited to people who are referred and to applicants who are qualified only. It is a non commercial community where no sale or personal gain is obtained from the forums.

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About is a website started by Stuart Ross, the internet entrepreneur in the year 2010. It is an online-based community and a training company. The main goal of the SFM team is to empower the knowledge to people all around the world. Stuart Ross had even resigned his job to build the multiple 6-figure earning business in order to leverage the exact business model. Stuart and his team in SFM took a lot of effort and determination to enlighten people on the new way to establish wealth through the internet.

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