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The Skinny Rules Is Reviewed on Articate.com and Receives Glowing Praise


Wells, Somerset -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/21/2012 -- The Skinny Rules went on sale in May, and after spending the last week reading this weight loss book, the owner of Articate.com has just written a review of The Skinny Rules on his website.

This book was written by the The Biggest Loser's Bob Harper and it provides readers with 20 rules that they can follow that will help them lose weight and get in shape. Since going on sale, it has risen to the top of the best-sellers list in the weight loss category, and has appeared in lists of the best weight loss books of 2012.

According to this review of The Skinny Rules, many of these rules relate to nutrition and healthy eating, rather than exercise, but they are still really useful words of advice for anyone looking to lose some weight in the coming weeks and months.

The reviewer of this weight loss book had this to say:

"If readers of this book are expecting to find 20 mind-blowing weight loss tips that they have never come across before, then they are going to be disappointed. However if they want to receive lots of practical tips and strategies that will help them achieve their weight loss goal if they follow these rules all the time, then this book could turn out to be a great investment."

This book review actually lists the first two rules that are featured in this book and explains how to read them both online for free. It also explains where people can buy this book online and where they can read lots more customer reviews.

The full review of The Skinny Rules can be found at:


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