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The Snow Shepherd by Oneirosia - The Most Emotional Fairytale to Be Read This 2016


George Town, Malaysia -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/09/2016 -- Fairy tales have always been a part of the culture and very life of every individual in this earth. They are earnest and proclaim the many facets of romantic and familial love. Fairy tales have enticed people and now a beautiful and most emotional fairytale that one could ever read this 2016 is here, the Snow Shepherd written by Oneirosia. This is a classic tale that speaks of dreams that young hearts once had.

The story of the Snow Shepherd goes on about two princes and their struggles with love. It was a story about finding the meaning of your existence and what true love means amidst magic and the harsh cold winter. It was a story about different unrequited love and how sad and forlorn it is to love someone who cannot give back the love one gives. It was a very sad story indeed but every word by the author tells volume and tells the reader that love is not always what it seems.

The love of the Crown Prince and the peculiar young prince was a love that is tested and so was the love of the Snow Shepherd. The story was heart wrenching with each words beautifully woven to create a magnificent whole. It is a magnificent tale that combines several elements from the fairy tale that people have all known about. It is a great story that was able to successfully work together various elements of the most loved stories of all time in one book that is so enticing and worthwhile.

About Oneirosia
Oneirosia has masterfully woven such a great tale of unrequited but heartfelt love that is in all ways promising to read for the whole family. This 2016, readers will surely fall in love in this sweet story written in raw emotions that will surely tug at their heart strings. It is but a story that is written in a fantasy setting but of a very realistic lesson to teach every reader. In this book readers are able to learn lessons on love and selfishness that is certainly to be learned by both children and adults.

Having written so beautifully, it is not surprising how readers have only praises to say about The Snow Shepherd. As one reader said, "Honest and straightforward, but most importantly, it has a heart. The Snow Shepherd wisps us away to a time when our dreams were filled with fairy tales and undiscovered wonders. It's a real classic-in-the-making." This is how the story of The Snow Shepherd by Oneirosia goes.

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