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The Social Savior Launches Free Facebook Marketing Guide for Small Businesses

The Social Savior specializes in helping businesses succeed on social media, and has just published a new, free to download guide to Facebook marketing for small businesses.


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2015 -- Social Media provides an incredible opportunity for small businesses to punch above their weight, and large multinationals are now looking to start ups to see how to respond quickly to developing trends and keep their market share. Making good use of Social Media can have a huge impact on business success, and The Social Savior specializes in helping people manage their accounts and grow audiences that will build their brand. They have just published a new, free to download guide to Facebook marketing for small businesses, offering key insights and strategies to leverage Facebook's 660 million users effectively.

When Facebook first went public, the difficulty big businesses had with monetizing it effectively had an adverse effect on its share price. However clever marketers like The Social Savior tested different strategies before perfecting techniques that can increase visibility, build trust and ultimately sell products and services via Facebook.

This alchemy has been distilled into the free Facebook marketing guide for small businesses, helping people develop posts that engage and reinforce audiences, use stimulating imagery, calls to action, funneling and highly targeted promotions to maximize efficacy. These strategies have been developed by the professionals at The Social Savior and will enable business to lay the foundation for long lasting social media success.

A spokesperson for The Social Savior explained, "We specialize in next level social media consulting. If businesses use this book to lay the groundwork for us, we can do so much more for them within an optimized infrastructure. For those that don't have the time, we can implement these best practices, and for those without the budget, the book is there for them to minimize the wasted time they invest in trial and error. Our Twitter and Google Plus services give us a fully rounded view of online marketing, and Facebook is a great way to get started profitably in social media."

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The Social Savior combines highly researched, search engine optimized content marketing with social media to provide a small business marketing solution that can both help bring more traffic to websites in the immediate term, and help build businesses into a respected brand for the future.

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