The Solid Wood Cabinet Announces up to 50% off on Account of Its 10th Anniversary


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/31/2012 -- The Solid Wood Cabinet has announced up to 50% off on its products on account of its 10th anniversary. They provide highest quality products at their guaranteed lowest prices and will deliver the products within 5 business days. The cabinets are constructed from high-grade solid wood. They guide customers from the design to the delivery of the product.

Kitchen cabinets account for over half the cost of a kitchen remodeling companies project, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association. Making price driven decisions can sometimes lead to shoddy cabinet selections. Kitchen cabinets are placed at eye-level and can consume a good portion of kitchen space, making them a valuable design feature in the kitchen. This emphasizes the importance of selecting quality cabinets.

Consumer Reports conducted a survey regarding the quality of kitchen cabinets, and stock cabinets versus custom cabinets and concluded that, “Readers we surveyed who bought the least expensive kitchen cabinets were more likely to have problems down the road.” This supports the truth behind the cliché, “you get what you pay for.”

When selecting kitchen cabinets, homeowners must consider the pieces that will go into each cabinet. Make sure cabinet materials are solid and can withstand the pressure of items that will be placed inside, such as heavy plates and serving dishes. A homeowner does not have to be an expert in woodworking to discern quality cabinets. Thicker materials will prove more support than thinner materials. Thinner materials can bow under the pressure of heavy cookware.

Investigate construction of the cabinet box. Look for how the joints are constructed, where the side and back panels meet on the cabinet. Check for reinforcement pieces on the cabinet. Kitchen cabinets are opened and closed frequently and endure a certain amount of abuse. Decide if the materials used for brackets and glides are satisfactory. Feel the finish, because a good finish can make a difference in how much humidity and grease a kitchen cabinet can sustain and will greatly affect the look a homeowner is trying to achieve.

About The Solid Wood Cabinet Company
The Solid Wood Cabinet Company cabinets are all solid wood, constructed from the highest quality woods available, are KCMA certified (Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association) and are fully stocked in their U.S. warehousing and assembly facility. They offer a no obligation cabinet layout by a quality team of designers who specialize in the industry standard kitchen design software, 20/20. They always have the highest quality cabinets at the best prices in stock! To learn more visit