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The Source of the Benefits from African Mango Are Examined by African-Mango-Extract.com


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/13/2012 -- The results of a recent clinical study into the effects of African mango extract on weight loss have turned the health food industry in American on its head. In the study it was demonstrated that those participants taking African mango managed to achieve weight loss results averaging out at 28 pounds over 10 weeks. This was directly compared to a placebo group that lost nothing. It’s no wonder, then, that many are considering the extract of the African mango as some kind of silver bullet to cure their weight loss woes. But is that accurate?

The leading online resource on the topic, African-Mango-Extract.com has dedicated itself to examining the promising health food in detail. Available at http://www.African-Mango-Extract.com, the team behind the website promises to independently report on the nature and benefits of various African mango products in order to educate and inform consumers everywhere. As with any new breakthrough, many unscrupulous parties are seeking to profit from the success of African mango extract, but African-Mango-Extract.com is standing guard on behalf of consumers everywhere.

Already the lines are becoming blurred between genuine African mango products and pale imitations, those that use the buzz around African mango to market and sell an inferior product to the unsuspecting public. “Like any other product that receives lots of positive press coverage, there will always be the inevitable battle between the real, authentic pure products and the health food imposters,” African-Mango-Extract.com counsels. While it’s easy for consumers to be fooled, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to avoid deception. “The bottom line is to be sure to always examine the product ingredients labels for any product you are considering,” they confirm, as only products with genuine African mango derived ingredients seem to be effective.

The benefits of a genuine African mango diet seem compelling, particularly when using quality African mango extract sourced from authentic suppliers. Many different sources give the impression of noticeable weight-loss benefits achieved from supplementing their diet with various African mango derived products. African-Mango-Extract.com notes that while some have attempted to achieve the same results via consuming fresh mangoes, it seems that this strategy remains unsuccessful. The reason? The unique extract found in the Dika nut, or pit of the mango, is only found in fruit sourced from a specific location in Africa, namely Cameroon. For this reason the fresh mangoes consumed by American’s typically possess none of the benefits of a quality African mango product.

So while it may seem like the results of African mango supplementation are too good to be true, there’s a growing body of circumstantial evidence that suggests the extract is, in fact, living up to the hype. Thankfully the team behind African-Mango-Extract.com have done much to separate fact from fiction, and in their detailed explanation of the workings of the extract, American consumers can now make purchasing decisions with confidence.

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