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The Startup Quiz Is a Must Take Quiz for Startup Entrepreneurs

Andy Jacob’s Startup Quiz Helps Entrepreneurs Answer The 11 Toughest Questions About Their Startup.


Palo Alto, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/12/2014 -- The Startup Quiz, developed by Andy Jacob, is the first line of questioning for successful startup founders. The Startup Quiz, developed by Andy Jacob, asks aspiring entrepreneurs 11 of the most difficult questions about their startup business. Startup entrepreneurs, founders, and investors wishing to take the quiz can simply log into any web-enabled device and take the quiz in real time. Quiz takers will see all 11 questions, and it is recommended that they take the Startup quiz out loud with all of the founders of their startup together.

“I believe many startups simply aren’t asking the right questions,” said Andy Jacob, whose company, The Jacob Consulting Group, wrote the challenging 11 questions of The Startup Quiz. “There is too much misinformation for startup founders, too many easy questions that are meaningless, and too many friends and family telling founders how great their idea is.” Jacob says, “Startup Founders need to get real, get focused, and answer hard questions. The Startup Quiz has been designed to ask the most important questions a founder must answer in order to have a chance at a successful business.”

The Jacob Consulting Group provides an initial phone or Skype conference to go over answers with startups that want to go to a deeper level in analyzing their answers. However, The Startup Quiz is absolutely free to take. Jacob says, “Building a startup is hard enough without paying for a quiz that will absolutely help you. I wanted The Startup Quiz free for every entrepreneur to take, and I designed the quiz in a way that, just by taking it, a startup can get immediately get focused like a laser-beam. In addition, I have enjoyed speaking to startups founders who want to go deeper with their answers to make sure their strategy is right for the hyper-challenging startup market.”

The Startup Quiz also gives a list of wrong answers under each question. Jacob says, “I wanted to make this as easy to take as possible. I designed the quiz so that all the founders and investors can take the quiz together. It will surely be an eye opener.”

The Startup Quiz is currently free by simply visiting The website also includes numerous interesting statistics about start-ups, their chances of making it, and how founders spend their time, energy, and money during the startup phase.

According to Jacob, “The bulk of the Startups don’t make it. Hopefully, The Startup Quiz helps thousands upon thousands of Startups to begin asking the right questions.

About The Startup Quiz
Andy Jacob developed The Startup Quiz based on his 25 years of business experience. Jacob is the CEO of The Jacob Consulting Group. The Jacob Consulting Group provides expert “real-world” guidance to CEOs, startups, business owners and senior sale executives. The Jacob Consulting Group builds better companies, and specializes in assisting organizations to dramatically increase their market share by overhauling, or fine-tuning, their current sales and business strategies. Their team provides companies with solution-based consulting to ensure that businesses connect with their customers in the most powerful way possible. Jacob and his team provide companies organization the leading edge it needs to dominate at the highest level in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

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