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The Stone the Builders Rejected - New Book by Fred Devore Attempts to Rediscover the Lost Light of Human Consciousness

Following an inspirational dream that changed his life forever, Fred Devore transformed his belief system for good. Wanting to help others who share his thirst for true spiritual understanding, Devore announces the launch of his debut book.


Springfield, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2012 -- For Fred Devore, it all started with an inspirational dream. Following a profound and dramatic effect on his spiritual life and belief system, Devore now shares his new outlook with others in his debut book, The Stone the Builders Rejected: Rediscovering the lost light of human Consciousness.

“In my dream I was speaking to a large group of people, teaching principles and concepts which at the time were unfamiliar ideas to me. As I spoke, the people listened and became entranced” explains Devore, who resides in Southwest Missouri.

He continues, “When I woke up I thought for a moment about what I had just experienced. For the next two hours I just lay there as the most wonderful and profound stream of information flooded into my mind and my heart.”

Having spent his entire life searching for a deeper understanding of many of the world’s religious faiths, Devore always felt he came up short.

“All of the religious materials I read contained measures of what I was coming to understand as the truth. While I had no problems accepting what I read, there was always a disconnect somewhere, in terms of these religions and beliefs accepting one another” he adds.

Devore’s book seeks to unravel these concepts and present them in a new and integrated light – the ‘light consciousness’ which, as Devore himself attests, is ‘truly the God aspect of being’.

The book continues to explain how thought creates a person’s reality. Presented as a spiritual guide for the presently evolving New World, Devore’s book is poised to both enlighten and inform all who read it.

With chapters including details of the three aspects of consciousness, the foundations of the New World, transforming thought patters and a number of heart-warming ‘I Am’ affirmations and sacred fragments, The Stone The Builders Rejected is expected to be received into the literary world with critical acclaim.

“By transforming our thoughts we can change our reality. The message of this book can be understood and applied by all. I feel the information contained in this book is very timely and the world is in a good condition to receive it” Devore concludes.

The Stone the Builders Rejected: Rediscovering the lost light of human Consciousness is published by Author House and is available now from Amazon.com at the following link:


About Fred Devore
Fred Devore lives in southwest Missouri with his beloved wife Melody of twenty six years. Fred and Melody have one son, Benjamin who is twelve years old.

Fred is a musician and vocalist, as well as a song writer and enjoys nature and the simple things in life.