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The Stone Thread: Intriguing New Mystery Novel Exposes Why Not All Men Are Created Equal

Delving into the many faces of humanity, ‘The Stone Thread’ examines good and evil through history. What will be discovered?


Papillion, NE -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/13/2012 -- The idea of all men being created equal has puzzled sociologists and faith leaders for centuries. In a compelling new mystery novel by J.R.Evangelisti, that exact question is posed in fascinating fictional form.

‘The Stone Thread’ is both captivating and enthralling, as its intricate plot proves.

Not all men created equal. Dr. Elizabeth Wellstrom who loves to study historic words is about to find out why. Her terrifying discovery will change man's understanding that precedes birth and extends far beyond death as she has stumbled into the existence of the eternal epic battle between good and evil or is Elizabeth delusional? The Council controlled the most powerful computers in the World.

They delved into such diverse studies as predicting the exact time and occurrence of earthquakes, man's impact on Earth, and how man would develop as a species into a far distant millennium. One study was to determine the origin of man. The study ended without answers, except one, for if man could not come to any conclusions about man's origin, how could a powerful machine?

The answer was simple. The machine was a reflection of man, not his creator.

As the author explains, The Stone Thread studies multiple facets of society.

“Society has many faces, we all know that. However, the forces of good and evil are two that stand out as bold and powerful,” says Evangelisti.

Continuing, “Their perception and influence through time and history are particularly interesting. Readers can expect to travel this journey and experience how one woman’s terrifying discovery will change all of man’s perception of itself and the world around it.”

Critics are expected to praise Evangelisti for the diligent passion injected into the book. Likewise, thousands of buyers are poised to flock and purchase a copy. With such a powerful plotline and vivid writing, The Stone Thread is tipped to rival many similar books within the marketplace.

‘The Stone Thread’, published by CreateSpace, is available from Amazon: http://amzn.to/W2LioP

About J.R.Evangelisti
Screenwriter J.R.Evangelisti has written in a variety of genres, to include comedy, mystery and science fiction. Married, a Journalism graduate, he was an accomplished sprinter. He later returned to college and at the age of thirty-five ran in the Penn Relays. Athletics taught him to set goals and avoid focusing on setbacks as these lessons prepared him for far more difficult challenges.