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The Stones of Andarus: Gripping New Fantasy Series Invites Readers on Quest to Stop an Evil Force Unleashing the Power of 'The Stones'

Written by Tom Sechrist, ‘The Stones of Andarus’ forms volume one of ‘The Devenshire Chronicles’ and exposes the ultimate battle between good and evil. Appealing to adult readers, Sechrist’s narrative not only displays man’s bold instinct to fight evil, but the individual and deeply-personal struggles one will encounter along the way…


Plano, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2014 -- Good versus evil has long been a staple of the literary landscape, thrilling readers with quests to save the world from destruction. However, an uplifting new fantasy series by Tom Sechrist turns the genre on its head by fusing a quest for good with an in-depth examination of the personal struggles heroes experience along the way.

Everything plays out in ‘The Stones of Andarus’, volume one of ‘The Devenshire Chronicles’. It’s a book unlike anything else ever written before.


Legend has it that a demented sorcerer named Andarus sought to harness the power of creation…to bend it to his will. He searched throughout the realm for mystical vessels that could contain such unfathomable power and The Stones of Andarus were created. The Stones are said to contain a fragment of the power of creation along with the dark, twisted soul of the sorcerer Andarus.

On this account, the legends are true.

The fate of The Stones through history is not known. Some say that, despite their awesome power, they were destroyed long ago. Others claim they were divided and hidden away in the far corners of the land. Yet others believe the sinister power of the Stones has faded over the great span of time since their creation, and can never be a threat again. Then there are those who say the tale of the Stones is nothing but pure fantasy.

On this account, the legends are dead wrong.

Xavier, an unstable and evil Master Mage, has spent his life perfecting his mastery of not only the Mystical Arts, but the forbidden magic of the Dark Mystics. Now, at the peak of his sinister power, he has the Stones of Andarus and intends to not only unleash their unholy power, but attempt to control it.

Such power, twisted by the crazed essence of a mad man, can never be controlled and dared not be unleashed, but Xavier believes he has the power and the skill to accomplish the impossible.

Enter Daimion Devenshire, a mysterious loner with seductive charms, dark secrets and deep scars. He is a minor mage of the Mystical Arts, but there is a power within him that not even he is aware of...at least not yet. When he learns that Xavier has the Stones, he knows that the mad man has to be stopped or the entire realm could be forever altered if not destroyed.

Joining him on his desperate quest are The Lady Brianna Standish, seductively beautiful and fiercely independent. She is a woman who lives her life on her terms, much to the chagrin of medieval society. Raven Darkseed is a rouge Adept Mage of the Mystical Arts and the closest thing to a best friend to Devenshire. Shantira Dubris is a young village woman set on vengeance and torn by the storm of emotions and sensations that Devenshrie stirs within her. Zandorth Krahl is a warrior of the Ancient Class, a vanishing breed of men who value honor and integrity above all else.

From the beginning, Devenshire and company are pursued…by both friend and foe. Darius Thieberian, a vampire with special designs on Brianna, stalks the group with motives as dark as the night he lives in. Rachelle Tambrey, a unique vampire with an unexplainable interest in Devenshire, follows as well. Add a compliment of the King’s Royal Guards who have been convinced that Devenshire is a vampire by an ex-vampire hunter turned bandit, and the group’s efforts to save the realm are thwarted at every turn.

Through trials and tribulations, deceptions and betrayals this group of unlikely heroes must face many obstacles in their epic quest to stop Xavier, including an opponent fiercer than any they have ever faced…the demons within themselves.

The battle for the fate of the realm has only just begun...

As the author explains, his work fuses fiction and psychology to leave readers with plenty to think about.

“Naturally, the main theme is the quest that plays out to stop Xavier from unleashing the power of The Stones. However, I’ve infused the narrative with many underlying themes based on the characters themselves. Their secrets will be exposed to readers, giving a better understanding of the individual struggles they have faced up to and during their quest. It’s my hope that readers will examine their own lives and understand that every life-changing task is going to be fraught with at least one problem. The key is in overcoming it,” says Sechrist.

To date, the book has received positive reviews.

“I have been finding it hard to put this book down. Very interesting. Love the characters. Makes the reader care about what is going to happen to them. Can't wait for the next one!!” says one reader, reviewing the book on Amazon.

Kay L. Grant was equally as impressed, adding, “Action. Adventure. Love. Romance. Drama. And yes, even Comedy. Somehow, the author, Tom Sechrist has managed to include it all. I got so involved with the characters, that I miss them. Seriously...I miss them! I cannot wait until the next book in the series is released.”

‘The Stones of Andarus (The Devenshire Chronicles (Book One))’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1lldmB4.

More information can be found on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tomsechristfanpage.

About Tom Sechrist
Tom Sechrist has been an aspiring author since the tender age of 13 when he discovered that writing was a great outlet for what was shaping up to be a violent temper.

Tom now lives in Plano, Texas with his wife, Renee. He has two children from a previous marriage, four children from his current marriage, six grandchildren (four on Earth and two in heaven), three cats, and a dog that could pass as a small horse.