The Strength of Male Tears Published by Outskirts Press

Richard P. Campbell challenges men to reconsider their age old attitudes about male emotions which often lead them to a false sense of manhood and a less than authentic male social identity.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2013 -- Outskirts Press, Inc. announced today the release of The Strength of Male Tears--Men and Manhood in Crisis, by Richard P. Campbell, pastor and mental health professional. The provocative new work reveals the false superiority that comes about by the male tendency to disown anything that makes him resemble a female and argues for a new male wholeness that leads to real, authentic and emotionally healthy men.

The misconceptions brought about by age-old ideas about the requirements of manhood ironically end up devaluing both male and female. By denying the reality or expression of the more vulnerable emotions as anxiety, self-doubt, grief, anguish or fear, men end up minimizing themselves and passing on to their sons these same dangerous attitudes and perceptions.

“Men have become socialized to carry their emotional baggage in manly silence,” author Campbell says, “but that silence is one that can drive a man to an early grave.”

Campbell’s book is a wide ranging exploration of male tears, male emotions and false perceptions of what it means to be a man. Absentee fatherhood, poor role models, inadequate mentoring, and poor male academic performance are consequences of these false perceptions of manhood which today contribute to the stress men can have in dealing with their own issues.

Campbell encourages his male readers to seek a greater self-awareness and emotional honesty on the road to emotional wholeness. This wholeness motif arises out of the author’s own faith experience and Christian values, and he includes twenty-three engaging exercises that are appropriate for both individual reflection and men’s group sessions, and are relevant to both religious and non-religious settings.

“This book is a must read for every man.”

- Rev. Dr. John H. Spencer, Jr., Pastor, First Baptist Church, Englewood, New Jersey

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Genre: Nonfiction/family and relationships/emotions/social science/gender studies

About the author: Richard P. Campbell
Richard P. Campbell, a New Jersey-based church pastor whose ministry spans three decades, holds an MA Community Counseling and Post Master’s Advanced Counseling Certificate. Campbell is also a personal growth and life enrichment seminar presenter who engages a variety of audiences. Website: Email: Phone: (301) 266-2485.

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