The Success Story of Affiliate Marketing in the Fintech Industry


Tel-Aviv, Israel -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2014 -- Fintech is the new buzz word, for financial technologies, but what really stands behind these companies? and how is affiliate marketing playing such an important role in this industry with the help of Finimpact - a performance marketing network?

Fintech is the new kid on the block in the high-tech and venture capital industries. In the last two years billions of dollars have been invested in fintech companies, looking to disrupt and change the way we experience banking and other financial services and products. They take conventional products and services and adapt them to current market needs, by using smart algorithms, data analysis to manage risk, and easy to use interfaces on the computer and web.

A great example of this is the funding industry which has experienced dramatic disruption recently. These days individuals and small businesses can go online, visit an online lender and get approved for a loan within minutes of filling out a registration form with their personal and financial information. No paper signing, or lengthy time approval needed.

Finimpact a dedicated performance marketing network, focused on the fintech vertical is building a bridge between fintech companies and affiliate marketing, by developing a distinctive formula of content, media and unique promotions that result in successful marketing and new user acquisition.

Affiliate marketing allows advertisers to promote their business and services on a risk-free model, by paying affiliate partners only for success; a registered user, a paying user, a user that has used the service and more. Finimpact understands that in order for this model to succeed the most important thing is quality and accuracy. Sharon Argov, CEO of Finimpact explained: "We handpick and approve all of our partners, this allows us to customize and optimize the process , bringing quality results".

About Finimpact
Finimpact, founded in 2013, is a leading network focused on performance marketing for companies in the fintech verticals, such as - specialty credit (includes small dollar credit, small business lending, and private student lending), payments (mobile payments and other alternative payment products) and investing and budgeting tools.

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