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The Sun That Shines in the Dark: 25 Year-Old Author Publishes 'Progress Report' in Powerful Poetry Form.


Tobyhanna, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/07/2013 -- After spending twenty five years alive, author Kenneth Durrant decided it was time for reflection. With a remarkable life story that is full of highs and lows, he decided to release his associated poetry to the world.

Everything is wrapped up into ‘The Sun that Shines in the Dark'; a frank reminder that hope can shine through even the darkest of days.


Born on July 13 1986 to Heather Holder and Kenneth G Durrant. My name is Kenneth A Durrant , born and raised in Brooklyn with my Grandma, my sister and cousin .

Living in Brooklyn until the age of sixteen was the best life experience. At the age of sixteen i moved to the Poconos Pa with my Grandma(Esther) and Aunt(Grace).

The environment is totally different, from the school system, police officers and how far it is to get to a local store. I found and lost the love of my life, five years of dating and now we don't even speak.......

As the author explains, this powerful premise served as inspiration to share his story with all who will listen.

"This is not only my story, it's our story. This is me, 25 years on this earth. I bring to you my progress report. Embrace me with the same Love I placed into these poems. I express my situation with failure, the struggles, which we are face with each day, the challenges with Racism & Power of the Government," says Durrant.

He continues, "Through my experiences, I seek better Dayz & Workin' hard to alter the ways of many people."

Critics praise Durrant for the upfront manner of his writing and the level of depth he provides to the reader. However, with so much success on his hands, Durrant has a firm grip on what he hopes to achieve with his writing.

"All I want from the people who reads my Poetry is to THINK…..and to share peace and love. Literature is a powerful vehicle for change and I hope to make my worthy contribution to the lives of everyone," he adds.

Due to the expected high demand for the book, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘The Sun that Shines in the Dark', published by b AuthorHouse, is available now: http://amzn.to/14tDeSn

For more information, visit the author's official Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/Kandrewdurrant

About the author, in his own words: Kenneth Andrew Holder Durrant
Born on July 13; 1986 to Hedda J. Holder & Kenneth G. Durrant. I am Kenneth Andrew Holder Durrant; born and raised in Brooklyn; NY with my Grandma Esther Adams; My sister Elisa Headley & My cousin; Theophilus London. Livin' in Brooklyn until the age of sixteen was the best life experience. From getting' in to school fights; skippin' school & watchin' the daily drug dealers make their run from the buildin' across the street. Performin' & Writin' was implanted in me since youth along wit' my sisters; brother & many cousins playin' on carnival stages; Performin' at the Flatbush fare & etc. At the age of 16; I moved to the Poconos; PA wit' my Grandma Esther; My Aunt Grace; My Sister Elisa & my two Cousins KR & Johnny. The environment is totally different from Brooklyn. From the schools; police officers & how far it is to get to a local store. I found & lost the love of my life. Five years of Datin' & now we don't even speak . . . To All the people around the World; LIVE FREE & WELL. Life is filled wit' a bunch of weird shit. Make the Money; Don't let it make you. . . . LOVE IS LOVE