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The Super Bowl 2014's Most Important Commercials Lineup Is Set


West Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2013 -- The Super Bowl 2014’s most important lineup the one everyone really watches the game for is already shaping up.

SodaStream will be again taking on Coke and Pepsi. Their ad is set to be on in the fourth quarter, after Coke's spots and after Pepsi's halftime show sponsorship.

There will also be a battle of the peanut butter cups, as Butterfinger's new line extension will be going head to head with Reese's in a second-half.

Two Greek yogurts will also be duking it out. Chobani will be making its Super Bowl debut, kicking off a new campaign with a commercial longer than 30 seconds. Competitor Oikos, having been the Super Bowl's first yogurt advertiser in 2012 and having dropped out this year, will be back again in February.

Mars Chocolate North America is fighting an internal battle over whether a new M&Ms commercial or a new Snickers commercial will air in their one 30-second slot.

Chevrolet, having decided to skip the Super Bowl last year, will be back. No one knows when in the game or how often, but they'll have introduced an even dozen new car and truck models in the months before game time.
A-B InBev, Budweiser's parent company, will switch from thinly disguised music videos that did more to promote their celebrity "creative directors" (such as Justin Timberlake) than to sell beer to commercials created by an actual, professional advertising agency – at least for core brand Bud Light. If they follow form, their first spot will be for a new line extension and will come from the same advertising sources that have helped speed their brands' sales decline.

GoDaddy will be back, and so will race driver Danica Patrick. But this year, their advertising, too, will come from a professional agency and, wonder of wonders; will be fit for family viewing.

Doritos will be following its formula of airing crowd-sourced commercials created and produced by people willing to make ads for them for the remote chance of working on the set (in what capacity and for how long is anyone's guess) of "Marvel's The Avengers: Age of Ultron." The only differences are that for 2014, they're sourcing from a bigger crowd of starry-eyed, gullible folks from 46 countries instead of just the US; and rather than subjecting their finalists to popular vote, consumers will choose just one spot, while Doritos' marketing team will pick the other.

Hyundai will be back for the seventh consecutive year with two commercials. Kia will be back for the fifth consecutive year, this time to introduce its K900 sedan.

And speaking of Korea, Wonderful Pistachios is busy looking for something more insane than last year's Super Bowl spot with Gangnam rapper Psy and last September's spot with Dennis Rodman and a Kim Jong Un lookalike. Rumors say it'll be Miley Cyrus.

Jaguar's first Super Bowl Commercials 2014 ever will promote the F-Type coupe, feature British actors, will be themed around British villains and will be directed by Tom Hooper, who won an Oscar for "The King's Speech." Given all that, it better be good.

Intuit will run a 30 for the winner of their contest for small businesses. The four finalists were Poop Natural Dairy Compost (made from cow manure), Barley Labs dog treats (made from brewery leftovers), Goldie Blox (engineering toys for girls) and Locally Laid (an egg company), so entrants were apparently judged on the basis of political correctness.

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