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The Sweet Death: New Novel Shares Love Story Set Aboard 'Euthanasia' Cruise Ship

‘Dead in the water’ has new meaning for author James Ellison Wills, in his first novel about death and love on the sea. The Sweet Death: La Dolce Morte is a love story set aboard a cruise ship that specializes in euthanasia.


Geyersville, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2012 -- Mercy killing or assisted suicide or called onboard, a “transition,” is an issue confronting American society as the aging baby boomers begin the expensive and painful process of dying.

'The Sweet Death: La Dolce Morte' does not confront these social issues head-on, but rather opens a messy can of worms, asking more questions than could ever be answered.

Official Synopsis:

Dark humor and scandalous crew mix with love, sex and death aboard the MS Ancheron on its monthly sailing from San Francisco.

In the twilight of their lives, Maureen and George meet and fall in love on the sixty third sailing of ‘La Dolce Morte’ cruise. They share a love that they never imagined at this time in their lives.

The wild crew and brave passengers are a slice of life; the profound and the profane meet on the high seas for a cruise like no other. For the ‘Blue Card’ passengers, this is a one-way trip. For the crew, it’s another tough journey. For the ship, it may be the end of its days.’

As the author explains, euthanasia is a topic of constant debate. “In some countries in Europe, euthanasia is legal; Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands. It is also legal in a few States and recently a Canadian court found that a woman did have the right to die before her terminal illness killed her,” says Wills.

The focus of the novel is the love story between George and Maureen, who both have terminal illnesses and how they find love in the twilight of their lives. The scandalous crew and custom-designed ship host those without hope. George and Maureen grow to know each other and learn that love can be found in the most unexpected places and times.

The Sweet Death: La Dolce Morte is available online at:

Media kit available at: http://www.thesweetdeath.com/presskit

About James Ellison Wills
James Ellison Wills is a California writer, documentary film producer and world traveler. He worked for twenty years a guide in the Himalaya of Nepal. The experience of filming his last documentary in India and a converstation with an Itialian traveler in the Adriatic Sea were the inspiration to write this love story. He speaks a number of languages poorly.

His progress can be followed on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Sweet-Death-La-Dolce-Morte/297835960292510