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'The Tale of the Prize Winning Vegetables' Fighting the Battle Against Childhood Obesity, Leading Health and Fitness Expert, Lucy Wyndham-Read, Releases Her Latest Children's Story Book

Her eighteenth publication, this delightful story encourages healthy eating and exercise habits in children and what fun it can be to grow your own fruit and vegetables. Healthy recipes and an interactive game are included and for every copy sold, Lucy will donate GBP 1.00 to HEART UK – The Cholesterol Charity.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2014 -- Lucy Wyndham-Read, regular fitness consultant to the media, promotes, in her new book released today, ways to encourage children to be more active and follow a healthier diet. The book, targeting 3 – 8 year olds and more importantly, parents concerned about their children’s health, is an engaging tale about the fairies growing fruit and vegetables for the annual village fete where they win first prize. The story includes an interactive game the fairies play to keep fit and a moral message about stealing. At the end of the book there are detailed recipes for a healthy smoothie and Mrs Rollop’s Sunshine Soup along with instructions on how to replicate the interactive game.

The book is available on Kindle for around £3 from:

Amazon UK - -

For more information about Lucy Wyndham-Read please see her website

or contact Lucy on +44 7956 321634

For more information about HEART UK – The Cholesterol Charity, please see their website

Involved extensively in the health and fitness industry for over twenty years, Lucy is acutely aware of the dramatic rise worldwide in childhood obesity and saw a gap in the market for a series of children’s story books aimed at encouraging healthy eating and more exercise.

So-called ‘progress’ has brought with it such a huge choice of delicious (but often unhealthy) things to eat that parents have a constant battle getting children to eat healthy foods. Combined with children spending more time on electronic devices and less on physical activities, it’s not surprising we have a worldwide childhood obesity problem which needs addressing.

HEART UK – The Cholesterol Charity, will benefit from a donation of GBP1.00 per copy of the book sold. “We are really grateful to be working with Lucy on such an exciting project”, says Jules Payne, CEO, HEART UK.

Through promotion in the media, of products and tools to help parents fight the child obesity epidemic, a difference CAN be made.

The book is currently only available online and, if it proves successful, will be made available in paperback to order.

For more information about Lucy Wyndham-Read please see ‘About Lucy’ on her website or contact Lucy directly on +44 7956 321634

About Lucy Wyndham-Read
Lucy Wyndham-Read left school at 16 and served in the British Army for five years. In 1995 She left the army to train in Health & Fitness and went on to establish her own very successful Personal Fitness Training business based in Surrey, UK.

Over time her reputation as an expert in the fitness industry grew and she has branched out into other areas.

In 2012 she was contracted by Cancer Research UK to produce a training programme for children which was sent out to 27,000 schools in the UK in preparation for a fundraising 5km walk.

Lucy has published a total of eighteen books and launched several fitness apps.

“This book is packed with diet advice, from wholesome recipes

to ideas for healthful snacking and Lucy’s enthusiastic tone will keep you motivated....”

Jill Cartwright

Book Reviewer

Zest Magazine (Now ‘Cosmo Body’)

She has also appeared on a number of T.V. and Radio Shows including a debate with counter terrorism and security analyst; Colonel Mike Dewar, best known as the leading commentator of his generation on defence and counter terror issues on TV, radio and in the national press. The debate addressed the issue of whether women should be put on the front line in combat.

Lucy is also a columnist in various magazines and has acted as consultant to many and varied prominent companies. For more details please visit ‘About Lucy’ on Lucy’s website;

Her Personal Fitness Training client base includes the likes of; Liz McClarnon - Singer and Presenter from Atomic Kitten, Kelly Young - Singer from Liberty X, Binky Felstead - Reality TV Star from ‘Made in Chelsea’ and Amanda Reddington - TV Presenter. In addition she has developed and implemented audio workouts for all 87 gyms falling under the ‘Parkwood Leisure’ umbrella.

On special request, Lucy has travelled internationally to; train private clients at Amanyara in the Turks & Caicos Islands, run a seven day boot camp at a private villa in Seville, Spain and designed the boot camp, activities and nutritional plans for clients at the ‘Hotel Quinta do Lago’, Algarve, Spain.

Advertising campaigns that she has appeared in include; USA PRO (Sports clothing), ZICO (Pure Coconut Water) and Hey Jo (Sports clothing). She has also been contracted by; Channel 4, Weight Watchers, Penguin, Rodale, Optomen TV, Living TV, Tesco, Boots, Morrison’s, AXA and the NHS, to advise on health and fitness in their promotional and advertising campaigns.

However, two of her proudest roles are; being an ambassador for HEART UK – The Cholesterol Charity, for the past two years and heading up Cancer Research’s annual ‘Race for Life’ for the past six years, including all the pre-race training modules and warm ups, on stage, for the 80,000 competitors around the country, including the 12,000 competitors setting off from Hyde park.