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The Tao Institute of Modern Wellness Helps Patients Cope with Seasonal Affective Disorder and Stress


Philadephia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/19/2017 -- The Tao Institute of Modern Wellness is ready to help patients this January who are experiencing depression or anxiety in Philadelphia during the winter months. When the weather turns dark, cold and gray for long periods of time, many people experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The depressed mood and lethargy that patients feel as a result of this condition can make it more difficult than usual to deal with other daily stressors.

Individuals experience stress throughout the year as a result of pressures from work, school, or home life. If they do not know how to cope in a healthy way, it begins to affect their lives negatively. The Tao Institute of Modern Wellness takes a holistic approach to helping patients work through mental health issues. They offer a variety of lab tests to check for biochemical imbalances. After tests are conducted, Tao's medical specialists can then use Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy, which is uniquely formulated for each patient based on their test results, to help patients resolve imbalances.

The Tao Institute of Modern Wellness also offers Chinese medicine, herbal remedies and acupuncture to Philadelphia patients in order to treat mental illness without the use of conventional drugs. These ancient practices help improve blood circulation and regulate hormones to improve brain function. The medical professionals at the Institute will develop a personalized wellness plan for each patient that encompasses several of these methods to help them achieve balance in their life.

To set up an appointment with the Tao Institute of Modern Wellness, visit their website or call 215-259-5831 for the Philadelphia area, or 856-422-2256 for Marlton, NJ.

About Tao Institute of Modern Wellness
The Tao Institute of Modern Wellness integrates the best methods of Western and Eastern medicine to help their patients achieve health and wellness. The center operates with a highly skilled group of holistic integrative medicine experts, including board-certified psychologists, psychiatrists, nutrition specialists, meditation specialists, counselors and licensed acupuncturists. Every treatment begins with a comprehensive evaluation to determine an approach that will help find and assess the root of health problems so that the quality of life can be improved.

To find out more about Tao Institute, please visit http://www.taoinstitute.com.