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The Tao of Badass Converts Nerds Into 'Chick Magnets'


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2014 -- The author Joshua Pellicer created a wave in the dating world with the pdf guide The Tao of Badass. Many reviews on the book has attributed the success of the guide to the fact that it gives more than just a bird’s eye view of the technique. It equips and prepares a man before sending them out into the real world and test the theory for themselves.

There are many guides that offer similar success but most of the programs failed to actually offer a long-term solution. According to the author Joshua Pellicer, attracting women does not begin at the bar and end in bed. There is a lot more that a man has to learn in order to be able to have a real relationship or even find the right person and settle down. The Tao of Badass has actually made attempts to guide men into the psychology of the opposite sex and get a connection for real. The author reveals that this pdf guide is actually the product of years of work and research, assimilated and compiled into a digestible form.

Most men are either ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) or very impatient. It is for this reason that the author has compacted the information in such a way that it will not run longer than the reader’s attention. The result has been tremendous and men have read, understood, digested and therefore properly followed all instructions without fail.

This program is unique for it does not just focus on getting the attention of women but helps men get the confidence that they need. Most of the time, the ones who are not able to get a date are the ones struggling with their own issues. The pdf guide focuses on eliminating this and hence helping them sort their own lives out before getting out there to find women. For more information on tao of badass review, kindly go to

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