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The Tao of Badass eBook Gets Raving Reviews

The all in one guide for men to deal with stressful social situations


Minato-ku, Tokyo -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/27/2014 -- When it comes to starting a conversation with a woman, a man thinks twice, resorts to his own pre conceived conclusions and in essence, takes a hit to his confidence. Men who don’t quite have the charm don’t venture much when it comes to interacting with gorgeous women at a nightclub or a social event, they would rather call it a night a go home feeling lonely and dejected. Fear of rejection is what holds them back. For such men, now there is help in the form of an eBook, “The Tao of Badass”

This book helps socially awkward men score when it comes to talking to women, winning their heart and charming them. The book has the best kept secrets, secrets that will give men the confidence they need to strike a conversation, seduce women and also build their confidence. A lot of times it so happens that men get all pumped up when they approach a woman but, even before opening their mouth have a panic attack. They don’t have to go through this kind of stress any longer as The Tao of Badass is here to be their best wingman.

About the The Tao of Badass book
The Tao of Badass was penned by Joshua Pellicer who is a dating expert and has appeared on many talk shows, radio shows giving tips and suggestions to men from all walks of life. In this book Josh not only explains how to talk and interact with a beautiful woman but, also debunks certain myths that are stopping men from testing their potential.

Along with this eBook, readers will also get four bonus guides which include “Never Get Cheated On”, “Monogamy versus Polyamory” as well as “Guide to Breaking Up” and “Escaping the Friend Zone”. The Tao of Badass review has more information;

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