The Tao of Badass Reveals How to Talk to Girls


Yucaipa, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2013 -- Men are women were created to be attracted to each other and the process has been going on since centuries. The relationship between the both genders is quite main stream in the present times and men seek desperately for the attention of women. However, women are rather reclusive in nature and choose to go the other way. This has caused trouble for many men who need a girlfriend these days. The media has also promoted relationships in a different light and tend to show women’s needs as endless and unfulfilling. The talk shows and magazines all seem to stress upon the fact that women basically require extremely wealthy and good looking boyfriends. In real life, it is sort of different than that. Men are seen to be enquiring about how to talk to girls all the time and the Tao of badass serves as a proper guide towards achieving that goal in a short while, for instant a month.

The things which matter more for women consists of confidence and personality. A guy with a good personality goes a long way as most of the times, men are just not too confident to step up in order to ask a girl out for a date. A secret fact which is revealed shows the mechanism of women’s approach towards men. It highlights the fact that women are not likely to go for immense wealth and good looks but probably for a guy who has a lot of other women swooning over him. This causes the women to step up and snatch the guy from the other women’s grasp in order to make him her own. This method has helped many men to get a hold of women.

Studies have recently shown that over 97% of women find bald guys attractive. Men need to shake off the nonsense which has been fed to them by useless women magazines and media and follow their instincts to get a girlfriend even if they are average looking and not rich. General tips for men to sweep women off of their feet include making adequate eye contact and staring at their mouth. This gives them the direct message that men are interested and want to take the whole thing to the next level. This serves to be the exact answer for guys who want to know about how to get a girlfriend as it works universally and on almost every woman.

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