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Oakland Gardens, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2013 -- The Tao of Badass takes the guesswork out of approaching and attracting women by using tried and tested techniques that work subconsciously so a man can get any girl he wants. It has gained a lot of attention because it presents new tips and tricks that grabbed people’s attention and delivered results for many.

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Created by Joshua Pellicer after years of going through psychology books and many other materials that tackle human attraction, several attempts and trials to prove how effective his methods are, and sharing it with other men starting with a coaching classes that had since grown into a large organization, The Way of The Badass has spread to more than 30 countries and was imbibed by 110,000 men who attest to its radically simple yet highly effective principles that work fast.

Women: Understanding what works for them

Before downloading the complete attraction system, know what one is getting into and stands to gain from these easy to follow scientific techniques to get the girl. One of the important points discussed in the book are the sexual triggers which when learned and used will enable the man to bypass a woman’s barrier and turn her on without her knowing it.

Sexual triggers are crucial in winning the girl, although quite stealthy, because they let a guy slip through the woman’s logical brain to go directly to her emotional side.To cite one, when a guy looks at a girl’s mouth while she talks this will give her subliminal thoughts. Another note is 90% of men tend to turn off women during the first meeting because their bodies face a woman directly which is a sign of neediness.

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The full set of sexual triggers is divulged in The Tao of Badass and each one is presented step by step so a guy gets it right every time. Some triggers keep a woman attracted and interested, others get her to fall in love with the man, and there are those that give a man the confidence that women will compete for his attention.

Furthermore, The Tao of Badass debunks some common notions and leads guys to the right concepts when it comes to women. Girls don’t want money, they are not attracted to big muscles, and it’s not about good looks and the head of hair. In fact, they are repulsed by men who look like they have been taking steroids and a survey in 2007 showed 97% of women find bald men sexy.

Pre-selection is what works with girls, which involves giving them the idea that other women want this guy. Women have filter mechanisms to weed out undesired men but following a few simple steps on how to use pre-selection and what to mimic can help a guy turn on any woman.

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Attraction: Making sense of it all

Other principles taught under The Tao Of Badass System are The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Qualifier that gets a girl to follow a guy around like a puppy, The Make Out Technique that makes a woman lean in for a kiss even if she wasn’t really attracted to the man, Instant Dominance that leads a woman to be submissive to the guy, and The High Value Hello that changes the way men introduce themselves causing the girl to get aroused before even finishing saying hello.

A guy would also learn the 10 undeniable ways to know for sure a woman is attracted, the Eye Reading Trick to read a girl’s eye movements and tell if she is lying, a visual thinker, etc., the Attractive Body Language that can be used to attract attention, the Women’s Tests and how to pass them, the simple trick to keep a woman from cheating, the Read Her Mind trick to understand the content and context of her body language, and the step by step process every girl goes through when falling in love.

These are just some of the techniques and a lot more can be discovered in The Tao of Badass. The purchase comes with a flow chart starting from never having met a girl to getting her to laugh and then chase the guy up to putting her in the mood. It also includes lifetime support for members and bonus items all for a limited offer.

The freebies are the Dating Multiples Report for a complete guide to dating a number of women at the same time, Cheat-Proof Yourself Report that will make one look like he is the only guy in the world, Escaping the Friend Zone for advanced techniques so this does not happen, The Guide to Breaking Up Report that teaches word for word tips to get through it and still be friends, the Author’s Unabridged Audio Commentary for a new way of approaching the secrets to attraction, module 1 of Hacking Attraction Course for four major types of skills guys can use to attract women, Banter Cheat Sheet for new, creative, and funny things to say to build attraction with lifetime access to updates, five-week Body Language Mastery Course for the five pillars of sex appeal most effective for turning women on without saying anything, and lifetime access to The Tao members only private community.

About Tao of Badass
Tao of Badass is a complete dating guide written by Joshua Pellicer who is a well known dating guru and researcher.

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