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The Tao of Badass Review Discloses the Secrets to Attraction

Everyone dreams about being attractive and conquering the hearts of all women. Well, Daily Gossip Magazine now publishes a review to the Tao of Badass, a new program that promises to reveal all the secrets of the laws of attraction.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/16/2013 -- According to the Tao of Badass review on, the dating world should not be as cruel as many men seem to think. Men who experience problems in attracting women can now use this new guide to improve their love lives.

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The manual was created by Joshua Pellicer, who is a popular dating expert. Joshua decided to share his tips with men from all over the world; this is why he released his eBook now. Joshua claims that he actually had problems when it comes to dating, too. In fact, he tried many programs that promised to help him find the woman of his dreams, but none of them worked. This was the moment when Joshua made the decision to start his own research.

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The manual he released, Tao of Badass, is based on a unique system that uncovers the laws of attraction. They can help men of all ages find the hidden secrets to the dating world. What this manual does is helping men understand women better, as well as what they want. When finishing reading this guide, men will actually change their entire perception about women and dating. A list of the most common mistakes that men do when being out on a romantic date with women, as well as the most common behavior patterns that make women avoid certain men, are detailed in this guide, too.

Daily Gossip reveals that Joshua Pellicer presents to the readers of Tao of Badass a simple method of approaching a girl. This will make it easier for men become desirable in the eyes of a lady.

Moreover, the guide will teach these guys how to behave around women, how to display desirable body language, how to engage in interesting conversations with women and how to become attractive in their eyes. Joshua also presents some common tests that women usually determine men to go through.

The method can now be accessed by men from all over the world in a complex package, available for download online. It features a money back guarantee.