The Tao of Badass Review - How to Talk to a Girl


Oakland Gardens, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2013 -- Tao of Badass is a comprehensive dating guide for men that is written by a professional dating coach Joshua Pellicer. This 150 page e-book named as Tao Of Badass is exclusively for men to attract women and review the wrong things men do while dating a woman. This guide is perfect for men are quite hesitant to ask out a girl or find it hard to actually get around with women or don’t know how to act around a woman. This guide should help all such men because this guide by Pellicer has all the tips and points that will turn a man into a badass of dating attractive women.

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Joshua Pellicer is well known for its dating tips and is quite famous among the masses who explain in detail about his new dating tips and tricks in his recently launched dating guide. This detailed guide consists of all the things that a man needs to know in order to date the women of her dreams. This will also teach man on how to seduce a woman and also helps in determining what women truly search for in a man. The guide also goes on to talk about how one can get closer and intimate with a woman while dating. Doesn’t matter how average looking an individual is and no matter how hesitant or reluctant he is, Tao of Badass is going to take care of all that and make an individual become a badass in front of any women. People believe that women are attracted to big bank accounts and stuff but Pellicer has turned down all such false perceptions and has written a comprehensive guide to prove that as well.

One of the good things about Tao of Badass is that it is written in a very simple and easy manner so that everyone even a noob can understand it. Another noticing thing about the e-book is that it gets straight to the point and points out what and where the problem is. This e-book helps men to understand what women want from men and help them develop those qualities. Unlike other dating guides, Tao of Badass will make men understand women better than ever so that they can be more confident in front of them. The writer also talks about how a man can be at his best while having a conversation with a woman and make her fall for him with just the right gestures and expressions.

About Tao Of Badass
Tao of Badass is an exclusive dating guide especially written for men to become a badass in front of any women. The guide is written by Joshua Pellicer who is a well known dating guru and researcher with an aim to turn men into more confident and commanding while dating women.

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