The Tao of Badass Teaches How to Master the Art of the Charm


Lutz, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2013 -- What is this 'The Tao of Badass' phenomena? Well to put it simply, it's a dynamic dating help system that was developed to offer an average joe to get the 'hot' girl or 'it' girl. The system includes videos and ebooks that will open the eyes to the user of what it really takes to get the woman's attention the right way. It's definetly not a cheesy pick-up line guide. The man, Joshua Pellicer, behind this system, saw over and over again the failures of clueless men and decided to be a light house in the storm of the dating world.

The Tao of Badass touches on a great many topics such as, but not only; The patterns of success with women and how you can hone your skills to repeat them without sounding cheesy. How to make women approach you. How to get that first kiss. Best ways to approach a woman in public. Sure-fire ways to avoid the turn-offs in women. Overcoming men's fear of approaching women. And many more topics that will turn him from a wimp into a badass, a true playa - from the Himalayas. Getting this system, Tao of Badass will just make sure you are a success in the ways of sex, dating, love and even marriage.

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In addition to the Tao of Badass system, one will also have an option to try for free for only a month, a subscription that will get the latest happenings and research in the dating scene and where this system is going next. You're not the only one out there that's using these techniques, so it's good to keep updated with what is fresh, so that you're ahead of the game. Also receive four bonus ebooks for free; Monogomy vs. Poligamy. Never Get Cheated On. Escaping the Friendzone. and Guide to Breaking Up. Is that badass or what?

The creator of Tao of Badass is Joshua Pellicer and he's a world-renowned dating coach, who didn't start as a badass, but as a whipped, skinny dude that women walked all over. But he was able to turn his life around and figure out what it would take to master the art of the charm. It wasn't until he left a lucrative dating coach company and got out of his contract, that he could release these techniques into the system we know today as The Tao of Badass. Now everyone can have access to this system and not just the social elite.

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