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Dating Guru, Author of 'The Tao of Badass', Reveals: How to Tell in 20 Seconds or Less if There Is Relationship Potential with Someone

Dating expert Joshua Pellicer has pinned down a step by step process for quickly judging whether a conversation has attraction potential or whether you should just move on.


Etobicoke, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/15/2012 -- If 100 people between the ages of 20 and 35 were asked about their recent interactions with the opposite sex, it would be found that a certain phrase pops up quite often: “I couldn’t really tell if he/she was that into me”.

This is a common issue in dating and relationships, resulting in a lot of wasted energy on pointless conversations and hours of waiting in suspense for phone calls.

Revolutionary dating expert and author of The Tao of Badass, Joshua Pellicer, has come up with a potential solution to this problem. He has pinned down a precise step by step process for rapidly judging whether an interaction could lead to an enjoyable relationship, or whether it’s best to abandon ship and move on.

The system has been written from a male perspective, but could be easily reversed to the female point of view.

How it works or find an illustrated play by play guide straight from The Tao of Badass here

1. The first step is to scope out a woman one would like to start a conversation with.

2. If one is approached by a woman – this is the ideal situation – it's advised to turn one's chest and head toward her but not to lean toward her yet. Conversely, if one approaches a woman – note whether she smiles or not. If yes, one should do the same as above in body language. If not, one should only turn the head toward her while chatting, and not face her with the body.

3. If a woman turns to face one with her body, one should incite the conversation with a playful banter line. If not, it's best to turn one's head away from her for a moment, then turn back to continue and try a playful banter line. (Note: playful banter should be whatever comes into one's head on the spot, ie friendly small talk. One should only use memorized phrases if one is stuck and can’t think of anything to say.)

4. The crucial point: if a woman smiles or laughs, this is a great sign and one should continue the conversation as this woman is probably feeling a strong attraction! If a woman still has not smiled once yet, one should try playful banter 1-2 more times, still maintaining the slightly stand-offish body posture from above. Still no smile? One should move on,(politely!) as this is a signal that this situation does not hold any romantic potential.

It is important for many men to study such a precisely whittled down scientific process for communicating with women, such as can be found in Pellicer's controversial and ground breaking new book, The Tao of Badass. (The official website can be found here) This is due to the fact that the vast majority of men frequently make devastating errors with their body language within the first few moments of a conversation. This can ruin the chances of building a good rapport, and eventually a relationship.

Further information and dating success stories featuring The Tao of Badass can be found at The Tao of Badass HQ, or visit the official website by clicking here.

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