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The Tech Labs Cuts Through the Rumors Surrounding Microsoft’s Xbox 720


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2012 -- The Tech Labs technology news, information and tutorial blog recently posted an informative article intended to find facts among the rumors surrounding the highly anticipated Xbox 720. The Tech Labs is a highly respected online tech news and tutorial community for Web designers and developers.

Microsoft is currently taking a stance of neither confirming nor denying the swirling rumors surrounding its highly anticipated new Xbox 720. In the hopes of cutting through some of the clutter, The Tech Labs blog sifts through the rumors to find the pertinent facts surrounding the new Xbox. “The swirl of rumors has been maddening for tech enthusiasts, gamers and developers trying to track the story,” said The Tech Labs Founder Carlos Pinho. “This article attempts to provide some needed perspective on what is and isn’t likely to happen.”

Among the first points of confusion addressed in the Xbox 720 blog post is the language used by Microsoft regarding the introduction of the gaming console. According to Pinho, many non-industry insiders mistake the company’s phrasing to mean one thing while it actually means another. “The blog post explains that everyone should keep in mind that a product ‘unveil’ is not the same thing as a product release,” said Pinho. “By all indications, the new console is not expected to be released until sometime in late 2013 or later.”

The post delves deep into the issues surrounding the Microsoft Xbox 720 graphical processing power, which is surely to increase dramatically, but not to the extent that is possible with the latest available GPU. A highly debated point is the possibility of new security features that prevent playback of second-hand game titles. “The post delves deeply into the specific GPUs being considered as well as the true ramifications of second-hand game lockout for gamers, Microsoft and the industry,” said Pinho.

The article also deals with the area of media and storage support—both of which are tied to the potential security features debate. The inclusion of Blu-Ray disc support, Cloud storage and internal storage capacity are also discussed. Other aspects discussed that have significant impact include potential controller changes and actual release dates. “Despite the rumors on all of these possibilities, our goal was to write an article that dealt in facts more than speculation,” said Pinho. “This evolving story means that readers should check back often as we update the blog.” For more information, please visit http://www.thetechlabs.com/tech-news/new-xbox-720/

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