The Thought Bulb Conducting a Variety of Corporate Team Building Games and Activities

The Thought Bulb is organizing high-quality corporate programs like team building games and activities that aim at successful induction, change management or positive team experiences for the organization in question.


New Delhi, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2019 -- The Thought Bulb is one of the leading corporate training companies in India. The training provider offers the largest variety of leadership and strategic team activities for off-sites, conferences, training and events. The Thought Bulb provides more than 125 indoor and outdoor team building activities, construction-based activities, CSR activities, and strategy games. Apart from that, the training provider organizes collaboration and problem-solving activities, assessments, and customer centricity challenges. Companies can also go for workshops on elementary leadership and executive leadership.

In a recent press conference, the spokesperson of The Thought Bulb shared, "We offer corporate programs and activities on change management, VUCA, conflict management, synergy, and goals and visioning. Many of our leadership and strategic team activities are available for 3 to 3000 pax. Our popular team activities include intensive team building that helps to dive deep in the unresolved team issues and resolve them once and for all. Teams may face many such issues that range from a drop-in motivation to frequent exits."

For positive team experiences, The Thought Bulb conducts various games and activities, such as the Tech Terrain Challenge, Pyramid Challenge, and Million Pixels. The blend of experiential activities, incisive debriefs and lots of fun can be found in the UNITE team building workshop. This workshop is based on the theme that a family that eats together stays together, and thus the team that plays together stays together. UNITE is the training provider's signature team building workshop that delivers lasting results.

The spokesperson further asserted, "In the hassle of work, individuals forget that they work for one organization. Rather, they show allegiance to their departments, considering others as roadblocks to performance. Through our experiential team building challenges, we show them what happens when they work together. Additionally, we conduct our signature workshop, ADAPT. The workshop helps teams break free from past conditioning and infuses fresh thoughts through a blend of experiential activities. If change is seen as a panic alarm that goes off whenever the management decides a change, then this workshop is for that company."

In addition to organizing corporate team building games in India, The Thought Bulb offers the best creativity and innovation workshop. The training provider also offers induction programs like TAKE OFF. This program blends with its client's induction agenda and makes it special for their new joining teams. Under this program, several team building games and activities are held, including the Domino Challenge and the Showtime Challenge. New joiners forge a positive cohesive bond with each other.

About the Thought Bulb
The Thought Bulb is a group of dedicated professionals that inspire change within organizations so they can make a difference. The training provider organizes a wide range of team building and leadership workshops, as well as outbound games and activities. From new joiners to senior management, The Thought Bulb has activities for all who need to gain soft skills and be innovative at work. The training provider offers some of the best adventure team building activities to help resolve many team issues.

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