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The Time Mistress Series: Author of Critically Acclaimed Time-Travel Series Announces Compelling Third Book.

Focused on time-travel, adventure, and romance, while placed in evocative settings such as Jane Austen’s England and pre-Civil War New York City, Georgina Young-Ellis’s celebrated fiction series is about to get to better – with the release of a captivating third book.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/06/2012 -- With over ten thousand copies sold since its release in 2011, the first book in Georgina Young-Ellis’s time-travel series, ‘The Time Baroness,’ has already achieved dominant best-seller status on Amazon Kindle. Her second book, ‘The Time Heiress,’ is about to outsell the first. Now, with the Holidays approaching and fans demanding more, Ellis is delighted to announce the launch of the next book in her romantic, time-travel adventure series, ‘The Time Contessa.’

With the first two books enjoying much critical acclaim, thousands of readers have met Cassandra, who weaves her way from the year 2120 to 1820s England, and then to New York City of 1853, attempting to fit in to the different time periods with her mannerisms, dress and speech. Each journey presents her with dangerous obstacles as well as unexpected romance.

While Ellis is keeping intricate details of her third book under wraps, she has officially announced that Cassandra will be traveling to Renaissance Italy in an attempt to correct an alternate reality that threatens to re-write the future.

“The series is already captivating thousands of readers. It’s a strong combination of science fiction and romance, fused with painstakingly researched history,” says Ellis, whose books are available in electronic and print format.

She continues, “This creates for the reader a sense of real immersion into the time period and the people who lived in it.”

The combination of real-world history and compelling fiction has produced a series of novels unlike anything ever written before.

“Though there are other books and series about time-travel, this one is unique in that the main character travels to a different time and place in each book, and the situations she encounters are radically different each time. Each book has an undercurrent as well, a kind of theme: in the first, it's music; in the second, it's social justice; in the third, it's art. All of them have a sensual aspect as well, and more than one character in each book who falls victim to the "spell" of the past as I like to call it,” Ellis adds.

With both books averaging four and five stars on Amazon, each title has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews.

Of The Time Baroness, Amazon reviewer N. Van Beek says, “The Time Baroness is a sensitive, in-depth imagining of time-travel, exposing our collective desires to experience more than what our own temporal selves can provide. The closest we come to experiencing another era is by diving into novels such as Austin's Pride and Prejudice. The Time Baroness, in perfect post-modern style, reflects the reader as time-traveler and highlights the conundrum of truly understanding social mores of another time and place- in this case England in 1820. Plus, delightful surprises in plot keep you turning the page and eager for the next book in the series!”

And for The Time Heiress: “Brace yourself for another trip back in time. I was stunned by my journey into Jane Austen's England in Young-Ellis amazing novel, The Time Baroness. On this second adventure Dr. Cassandra Reilly agrees to return through the portal to the days preceding the Civil War. The Underground Railroad was a time of heroes and human traffickers. Young-Ellis sets her readers in the middle of the action and does not let up. The sights, sounds, and even the emotions of the time surround and engulf us. This is a book you will not easily forget. The Time Heiress is a way of looking back at how far we've come and how we traveled a portion of that dangerous journey. Highly Recommended,” says Amazon Reviewer Barbara Silkstone.

With so much success on her hands, it appears Ellis’s fans will be demanding more instalments for many years to come. The series, published by CreateSpace, can be purchased via the author’s Amazon page: http://amzn.to/UcVQOz

Her progress can also be followed on her blog: http://nerd-girlsromanticsandtime-travelers.blogspot.com/

About Georgina Young-Ellis, in her own words:
I live in New York City, with my artist husband and musician son. Though originally from the Southwest of the U.S., we love the atmosphere of this bustling city. We love to travel, and when I can't travel in body, I travel in my mind to the times and places that my heroine, Dr. Cassandra Reilly, visits in my books.