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The Top 10 Weight Loss Mistakes & How Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Can Help


Gilbert, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2013 -- For some, losing weight is a constant battle that is next to impossible. The reasons for this can vary from our lifestyle, to the food we eat, and can even be genetics. Sometimes they are about the things we don't do. These include lack of regular exercise, eating too much, and eating the wrong things. Everybody wants to get back in shape with the least amount of work as possible and contrary to the belief that losing weight is such a tough thing to do, there are actually quite a few easy ways to lose weight.

Mistake 1) Starting off on your weight loss quest with no help

If you take something, Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract for example, that helps with your appetite and also that helps to burn fat, it is a big motivational boost. Regardless of how well the supplement even works, just being more motivated will help you achieve your goals much faster and help you to maintain those goals. One thing that Island's Miracle suggests is to investigate for yourself and see if Pure Green Coffee might be the right one for you.

Mistake 2) When you do take a diet supplement – thinking that it will work alone

The media consultant with Island's Miracle did say that many times when people buy a supplement, they then want to rely only on that supplement. Even though the diet supplement Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract is proven to work, it will perform much better when you incorporate better eating habits and exercise.

Mistake 3) Not giving yourself an occasional indulgence

Don't completely eliminate your favorite foods but instead limit your indulgences to once or twice a week. Give yourself a treat like lobster and shrimp or smoked salmon. For dessert maybe try jello with whipped cream. All of these are thought to be very high in calories but are actually not. With such a treat in your week, you have all the reasons to devote the rest of the week's meals to more sensible foods containing less calories.

Mistake 4) Simply just eating too many calories is one of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to losing weight

When you are eating out it can be very difficult to find out how many calories are in the foods you eat. When possible read what amount of calories and fat your meals contain. If it is not possible to find out the exact calories a food contains then try to use your best judgement – eating small amounts of breads, pastas, deserts and sweets, is a sensible start.

Mistake 5) Not eating breakfast

Eating breakfast is a must and make sure it's fulfilling and nutrient. Going without breakfast actually tells your body to store fat instead of burning it for energy.

Mistake 7) Not drinking enough water

You must drink plenty of water for the entire day. Water keeps you refreshed, your internal organs working in tip-top shape and above all leaving you feeling full.

Mistake 8) Eating 2 or 3 big meals for the day

Eat 4 smaller meals during the day instead of your normal 2 or 3. What this combination of water and small sized meals does is keep you feeling full and well hydrated throughout the day without giving you reasons to gorge and go over the limit.

Mistake 9) Not adding in at least some exercise

As one of the many easy ways to lose weight - combine your new eating and lifestyle practices with exercises that are manageable. You don't have to overdo it in the gym, instead engage in 45 minute walks or light jogs. Pure Green Coffee Extract can't do it alone either - Just getting out and doing some exercise, any exercise, is better than none!

Mistake 10) Going on a Fad or Extreme diet

Putting yourself through starvation or only drinking lemon juice for a week, or any of what Island's Miracle media director calls the "Extreme" diets is not a recommended way to lose weight. In the end, if you try to avoid these mistakes and you get some help – as the example above with the Green Coffee Bean Extract, you should be well on your way to losing the weight that you have always wanted and be able to keep it off.