The Top Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces Reviewed; Findings Revealed


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2013 -- Snoring is one of the most common issues that affect sleepers. It's estimated that one in every 15 American households have to deal with snoring to some degree; whether it's the bed partner who is having a restless sleep, or the snorers themselves who are suffering ill-consequences because of their condition. Fortunately, many researchers and inventors have come to the rescue of snorers and have tried their hand at developing different products to suit their needs. Some work, whereas others don't. According to research analyst Matthew Barrett states “that the most positive reception has been towards anti-snoring mouthpieces.”

Our Research Group has compared the top mouthpieces on the Market to determine the Best Mouthpiece. Access the findings by Clicking Here Now.

What are Snore Mouthpieces?
Anti-snoring mouthpieces are mandibular repositioning systems. They hold the jaw in a more relaxed, “open” position so that the wearer is able to alleviate much of the muscular constriction associated with snoring. The result is an immediate reduction in snoring that's pain-free and relatively comfortable to experience. Understandably, the market has been flooded with a variety of options, which is where researchers at (website here) have come to the rescue of readers and have revealed their findings on what exactly the best anti-snoring mouthpiece is.

#5 – Snore Guard
In fifth place is Snore Guard. This is perhaps the most well-known mouthpiece and has been around since the late 1980s. Unfortunately, its age and regulation as a medical device means it's available by prescription only. This doesn't in any way mean getting a prescription for Snore Guard would be difficult, but with so many over the counter devices available, it seems a wasted effort in today's day and age.

#4 – Vital Sleep
Next is Vital Sleep. It stands out above Snore Guard because of its ability to be repositioned and resized within the mouth for a closer, more effective fit. Unfortunately, the materials it was constructed with are inferior in comparison to more modern developments. Vital Sleep is only expected to last for up to a year from the date of purchase before naturally degrading and needing to be replaced.

#3 - Zquiet
In third place is Zquiet. This is one of the better modern developments and is ready to use right out of the package. It is FDA approved for snoring treatment and includes its patented “Living Hinge Technology”, which responds to the wearer for one of the most comfortable fits. Where it is held back is its “one size fits all” approach. It is very difficult to resize the Zquiet mouthpiece, which means many wearers may not have an effectively tight fit.

#2 - Good Morning Snore Solution
The Good Morning Snore Solution was revealed as the second most effective anti-snoring mouthpiece. As a tongue retainer, it gently pulls the tongue forward for an even more comfortable fit over traditional mouthpieces. It is also the product that's most recommended for denture wearers. It is, however, inappropriate for those who don't breathe through their noses while asleep as it occupies much of the space between the lips and will make breathing laborious.

#1 - SnoreRx
So, what came out on top? According to Barrett, the most effective anti-snoring mouthpiece is SnoreRX. “It is a fully adjustable mouthpiece that is designed to fit almost every wearer with the most effective fit for their needs It is even possible to have a custom impression made to ensure the best possible fit. It's also one of the longest lasting devices; usable for up to 15 months before degrading.” A full review of SnoreRx can be found here.

Consumers Must Use Caution When Purchasing
However. Mr. Barrett cautions consumers by stating “If people intend to buy it, I only recommend they place their orders through reputable websites such as the official website. It’s the only way they can be certain they receive the authentic version of the device and in the case of SnoreRx the only place with a 30 money back guarantee is the official SnoreRx website.”

A fuller analysis of the SnoreRx can be found here:

The research groups more detailed comparison report of the top mouthpieces which includes the best place to get them all is here:

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