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The Top Cardio Mistakes to Avoid


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2014 -- Cardiovascular training is an important part of overall physical health, but it’s important to understand how to rightly incorporate this aspect of exercise into a regimen. Mistakes made during cardio workouts can leave a person without the results they crave, or injured and unable to continue towards their goals.

One of the most common mistakes made during cardio exercise is not maintaining proper form. The “bigger is better” theory is often the reason behind this mistake, and examples of this are unloading bodyweight onto handles of a step-machine, not keeping proper posture during a run, or using leverage when the incline gets tough on an incline treadmill. To correct this, lower the settings on the machines or ease back on the pace of a run or exercise class. This will help maintain posture and increase the overall effectiveness of the activity.

Another mistake commonly made using machines is not understanding how the “target heart rate” functions work. While these rates can be calculated by age or weight, they’re not personalized and could mean the exerciser is working below the rate they need to be at to improve fitness. A better idea is to calculate personal heart rate during the workout, and assessing personal performance to determine whether or not the workout needs to increase or decrease in intensity.

While machines are a good way to get in a cardiovascular workout, it’s a mistake to rely on them as the single source of cardio exercise. In order to reap the full benefits and test physicality, a person needs to engage in real cardio activities to see if the workout they are doing is benefiting them or if there is room for improvement. Find a cardio activity off the machine, such as jogging or a sporting event, that one can engage in to both enjoy the benefits of their newly developed athleticism, but also to see if they need to upgrade or enhance their current workout for better overall results.

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