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The Trailer Park Princess and the Middle Finger of Fate: Side-Splitting New Novel Depicts Whims of Dog Groomer-Cum-Amateur Sleuth

Written by Kim Hunt Harris, the hilarious novel takes readers on a journey with protagonist Salem – a self-confessed piping hot mess with a knack not only for grooming dogs, but for finding killers. Unconventional, witty and totally ‘unputdownable’, ‘The Trailer Park Princess and the Middle Finger of Fate’ is entertaining mystery fans all over.


Lubbock, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2013 -- With changes to the book world affording its authors unlimited creativity and the ability to create unforgettable characters, Kim Hunt Harris has struck literary gold with her latest release – ‘The Trailer Park Princess and the Middle Finger of Fate’.

Fusing the most unlikely of narratives with a cast that will have readers laughing out loud, Harris throws convention and expectation out of the window to produce a narrative that’s wholly unique.


Tony Solis has been accused of murder, and Salem Grimes just might be his last, best hope. But Lord have mercy on anyone who has Salem for their last hope, because that girl is a piping hot mess and always has been. Everyone knows that, including Salem.

But Salem is trying. She quit drinking, and even started praying. Maybe if she can prove Tony's innocence and find the real killer, it would balance out some of the mistakes she's made in her past -- a past that includes betrayed best friends now bent on vengeance, ex-crushes who were supposed to be old and fat by now, and an ex-husband who might, possibly, not be an ex after all. If Salem can catch a break from reaping all the wild seeds she's sown, she might have a chance to redeem herself.

Then again, maybe she should just settle for being a piping hot mess.

As the author explains, readers are always looking for a new character to relate to. Someone to champion and root for, and Salem Grimes gives them that, plus a ton of laughs along the way.

"Salem embodies just about every neurosis imaginable," says Hunt Harris with a laugh. "She is a lovable mess. She’s honestly trying to clean up her act, and there turns out to be a lot to clean up. Salem is no angel. She’s done some pretty bad things and hurt some people. She wants to set things right, and life is not making it easy for her. She takes a beating, but she does so with character and style, so by the time she struggles through and we learn who is behind all her torment, the reader is really pulling for her."

Continuing, "I had so much fun writing this book, and I think that comes through for the reader. But at the same time, I did feel a bit like I was rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. I mean, I had serious, serious doubts that this would ever be a published book. I’ve been around this business enough to know, if a publisher can’t easily fit it into a slot on the bookstore shelf, the chances of a book – no matter how good it is – ever seeing the light of day are virtually nil. And this story is kind of an odd fit on the shelf It’s clearly a mystery, but there are also issues of religion, faith, doubt, redemption. It’s grittier than a cozy Christian mystery, but inclusion of Salem’s Christian faith keeps it out of the edgier categories. Add the fact that it’s hilarious (if I do say so myself!) and there’s a fair bit of romantic tension thrown in, means it’s got a bit of everything. I’m not sure there’s a shelf for that…"

"The great thing is now, with all the advances in self-publishing, I don’t have to run that gauntlet of publishing gatekeepers. I can put the story out there and let the readers decide for themselves. And I must say, the response so far has been amazing. I can’t wait to finish the next book in the Trailer Park Princess series and see where Salem takes us."

Since its release, the book has garnered extremely positive reviews.

"This was really great chick lit, some of the best I've ever read.” Amy Brantley, AGirlandHerKindle.com

"I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It is funny and sweet and has just enough action to keep you on the edge of your seat. My fellow train riders were looking at me funny when I laughed out loud at certain parts of the book. Above all, the author finds the perfect way to remind us all that no matter what we've done, if we want it badly enough and are willing to work for it, we can all be redeemed. Buy this book! You won't regret it," says Kelly, who reviewed the book on Amazon.

Kathy D. Davenport was equally as impressed, adding, "It's is one book that is completely hard to put down. You keep reading until you get to the end. Super funny, charming, and witty. The writer used great alliterations where you can actually see the scenes as they unfold in your mind. Totally worth the money and looking forward to more!"

‘The Trailer Park Princess and the Middle Finger of Fate’ is available now: http://amzn.to/19m39eu.

About the Author
The envy of all who know her, Kim Hunt Harris lives a life of glamour, excitement and intrigue, dividing her time between playing drums in a rock band, solving unsolvable crimes as an ace private detective, and being gorgeous. Then she sobers up and goes to her real job, where things are not nearly so interesting. She's actually a lot older than she looks. Her idea of a good time is getting drunk and correcting people's grammar on Facebook. Kim lives in west Texas with her fabulous husband, one great kid and one kid who's fairly decent most of the time. When she's not writing or working or making homemade hot pockets for her kids, Kim likes to ponder deep philosophical issues such as, "Should I grow my bangs out?" and "I wonder if it's safe to eat that leftover tuna salad from last week?"

Kim is thrilled beyond all reason that she can get paid writing down her daydreams, and even more thrilled when someone actually spends their time reading them. Every time she sells a book she says a little prayer of gratitude. And that much is true.