The Transitions in Human Resources in 2022


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2022 -- [Trend topics]. For HR leadership, the past couple of years have been intensely challenging and focused primarily on adapting to the changing conditions presented by the pandemic. It has been a time of upheaval, as working models transitioned at speed to hybrid and remote but with many positive, light moments - especially where that change was positive for staff. This year it's all about stepping out of that survival mode and setting the dial to 'thrive.' In order for that to happen there are a number of transitions that HR leadership in any organisation is going to need to stay ahead of.

- More focus on retention. Avoiding high recruitment costs - and the talent war that's happening - is going to be key. Strategies for tackling this include everything, from designing clear career paths to ensuring that channels of communication between employees and management are two-way and open.
- Implementing people analytics (gathering and analysing data about people in the workforce). HR leaders need to focus more on data and using analytics and strategy to help HR become more value-generating.
- Data-backed insights to improve diversity and inclusion. Companies that do well in terms of diversity in leadership are 25% more likely to have above-average profitability so the incentives are clear.
- An employee-centric company experience. Hybrid and flexible working are here to stay and there is no one-size-fits-all HR solution. HR leadership today needs to take into account the new desire for a variety of options when it comes to working models, as well as the now unavoidable truth that different employees have different needs.
- Moving away from a centralised HR function. HR leadership must be able to mobilise organisational talent without a single source of HR function.
- Shifting policies and strategies to align with employee sentiment. This means acknowledging that the traditional model of cash for labour is outdated and today it is more about purpose, fulfilment and wellbeing.
- The Metaverse offers new horizons for HR leadership. That's especially so as a way to support hybrid working models.

[How the company does something relevant to the topic]. The focus on data that is emerging as a driving strategy for HR leadership is something that Laithwaite has been committed to for some time. We know that intelligence drives better decision making and, especially in the HR world, there is a need to move away from intuition-driven processes and towards using data to help make informed and confident decisions. We already use data and insight to help organisations make better decisions when it comes to their individual market, for example. Leathwaite Market Analysis Projects provide specific executive market intelligence on competitors or even particular individuals with analysis available on specific areas or the market as a whole. Focusing on the use of data in this way is empowering organisations to make more accurate decisions and will be a key tool for HR leadership going forward too.

[How the company carries out the particular service/product]. The Human Resource team at Laithwaite has been designed to help enterprises capitalise on this vital function and find people who can support transformation and growth even through key challenges. The team has a diverse range of experience, from providing specialist support for hiring a new CHRO/CPO or an interim head of Talent Acquisition to managing an operating model transformation and talent mapping. This is something the firm offers on a global level - Laithwaite is a business with more than 100 staff in key global locations, including Dallas, Hong Kong, London, New York, Toronto & Zurich. Human resources experience includes finding HR leadership for a global private equity firm and an international universal bank.

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