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The Truth About Time: New Book Concludes Oldest Tale Ever Written

Created to safeguard the very elect at a time of trouble, John West’s new book takes Theology and Scripture to a level that all must experience.


Parkersburg, WV -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2012 -- On December 21st, the potential of existence will change for good, following the online release of a new book by John West (The Comforter).

Titled, ‘The Truth about Time’, the book’s coming has already been outlined by scripture. Within its seven captivating chapters, the mystery of God will be revealed to all who read it.

Furthering their life-changing experience, readers will find shock and awe among the revelation of details that – until this book’s release – have been hidden away in scripture. From the beast with seven heads, three sixes, seven kings, the woman of many waters, the dragon and the bear, the book’s facets will piece together to afford readers an even bigger picture of time.

“This Story is to conclude the oldest tale ever written. And while religion is not a part of its content and purpose, Theology and Scripture are at the heart,” says The Comforter, John West.

He continues, “This tale was created to safeguard the very elect at a time of trouble like has never been, and to reveal the events of a time peradventure long ago.”

The Comforter himself believes his upcoming work to be the Revelation of Jesus Christ that was promised to come.

“You are welcomed to come before this work to test and, yes, even to discredit it indeed for all who have tried failed and disclosed their discovery of the cold hard truth. Some of which whom have spent just under 20 years in its light. Detail so deep it swells and grows larger and larger the more effort you put into understanding,” West adds.

As readers open the book’s seven seals, they will find the information contained within to be solid, stand on its own and even possibly cloudy. This vital situation exists to allow them to put the pieces together themselves.

Critics praise West for the ease of understanding and accessibility of his information. In fact, even a child can understand the work and piece it together with little effort – something deemed necessary for those who come before it to earn their reward.

“Hand in Hand with Scripture (the Bible) you can get onboard now or you can jump in later as many will, but you will come before this very work - soon!” West concludes.

‘The Truth about Time’ will be available online as of December 21st.

For more information, please visit http://www.godgoes.com/ and http://www.thetruthabouttime.com/

West’s scriptural study guide can be found at: http://www.johnwests.com/

About The Comforter, John West – In his own words:

From my youth I have always tried to be there for those in need, from family to friends, as well as some I had only just met. It has been a blessing and it has been a curse. I have found it to cause me to soar greatly in comfort that I have tried, yet, in the carnal realm it has kept me poor and at times unable to help when I wished I could.

My being here now in the presence of all who wish to learn more about Theology and the act of faith started many years ago. Of course counting all the elements such as the name John would take you back to my birth, but I have come to say that it goes back even further than that. I have always known what I came to share with you today. And though I am not familiar with the art of expression and within the tale I am limited and feel that it must remain somewhat cloudy for now, if you will walk with me, I can reveal more than you have ever known about the Mystery of God. I love the Father and I love the Son and as they have done, so shall I also do anything for love.