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Tampere, Finland -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/07/2013 -- Kyle Leon is the creator of the top-selling muscle building program Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer. Thousands of people has succesfully transformed their body by following the utterly unique, custom, anabolic approach to nutrition and workout ever created. The system was created thoroughly to pack on more muscle without attaining excess fat. It is carefully tested for all kind of indiviuals regardless of age, sex, weight. Kyle emphasizes on the importance of consistency and long-term progress. After years of research and study, he realizes that not every people has budget for hiring a personal fitness trainer, so he decided to take every small step of the progress and create a system that consist of four patented formulas. This took him years of testing in co-operation with nutrition experts and bodybuilders. After Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer was launched, it immediately grapped attention of fitness enthusiasts from all over the world and it soon became one of the most controversial muscle building program online. Because of that reason, the review group of My Bodybuilding Journey decided to test the system and has show a thorough review.

The In-depth review of Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer reveals that no single body works the same way and what works for other may be disastrous for others. So for that reason over 90% of muscle building programs sold online lead astray right at the beginning and regular people can never achieve the body they have been dreaming about. Muscle Maximizer has unique approach and cannot be compared to any other fitness program out there. The system is broken into four easy to follow principles that works in conjuction to pack on lean muscle. The main program comes up with getting started video and tutorial guide helping you to get started. The main program consist of five different segments.

First people need to fill the basic details like age, gender, height, weight, goal. They will be also asked how many hours they use to spend on the gym every week. The last but definitely not least, they will be asked to determine a specific somatotype, in other words a body-type. Now this is the heart and souls of the program. Kyle emphasizes that people should be as precise as possible in order to achieve desired results. There is a comprehensive guide to determine a body type. After people have entered all details they hit save and booom! In the few minutes of time, they have three customized meal plans along with the table of fixed macronutrient ratios. Kyle recommends rotating meal plans to avoid the body to get adapted which slows down the metabolism. People can also create their own meal plan simply just picking up foods you like from the list. The progress chart will show how they have progressed in each given day. They can then match your actual progress table with the target goal and see exactly whatever they are going to right direction.

The weight training regimen is specifically created based around your somatotype. The PDF report is fully packed with techniques and gets though the specific workout plan for every body-type. Each workout program comes up with the training log where you can keep a record of your progress. Every exercise movement is clearly demostrated so people don't have to figure out how to execute any specific movement. Every program is 9-week long and after the period is over and if everything went as it was planned, every guy who followed the plan consistently, should have gained a significant amount of pure muscle. The supplement guide reveals the truth of sumpplements and Kyle has liste the ones he is using to get jacked, and he also explains the reason why taking these supplements can boost the process.

At last, Kyle wants to make a little challenge once they have gained some muscle and if they want to take their body transformation to the next level, they can try the 7 days out. It is specicifally designed for individuals who are looking to get into absolute best condition in just 7 days. Now, are you kidding me... 7 days! Yup! You headr me right. This is more like a temporary solution and it comes up as a bonus of the Muscle Maximizer program.

The review guy from the My Bodybuilding Journey reports that in order to gain muscle quickly without fat, you need to deliver your body with the proper ratio of protein, carbs and fats. In addition, this needs to be proportioned with the right amount and timing. Getting all this customized for every indiviual combined with the weight training is all what it takes to achieve a ripped looking body. Kyle has made this easy for anyone who are looking for all-in-one solution to build ripped muscle.

If people expect this to be just another scam from Kyle Leon and need some proof, they can visit the homepage and see the before and after pics.

For those who wish to get the muscle building to a whole new level, they can click here to get started!

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