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The Truth Behind Women's Weight Loss Pills


Hallandale, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/16/2012 -- The truth behind women’s weight loss pills is finally revealed at this newly launched web portal named This site was specifically developed to help educate and inform women on the various types of pills available, how they effect the human body, and which pills might be the best choice for them.

The main categories of pills can be classified as follows: Pills that suppress appetite, pills that increase metabolism, pills that regulate insulin production and how the body either stores fat or burns it, and finally pills that decrease fat absorption through the digestive tract. Sometimes one pill is not enough and a combination of pills might better serve a dieters ability to lose weight. Of course no diet pill or diet plan is very effective without some increased exercise regime implemented to burn more calories too.

When all is said and done, the only way to lose weight is to create a calorie deficit, which then forces the body to burn fat. Eating fewer calories than the body uses everyday creates this deficit, but must be sustained for a long period of time. For every pound of weight a dieter wants to lose, 3500 extra calories must be used. This is often best handled by creating a deficit of 500 calories per day, which is created by first knowing what your daily calorie needs are and then either cutting out 500 calories from your diet or burning 500 calories more from exercise. Alternatively, you could cut 250 calories from a diet, and burn 250 calories more from exercise, which for most people is very easy to do. At this pace a dieter could lose 1 pound per week in a very safe manner. To lose more weight faster the deficit must also be greater.

Pills that suppress appetite were developed so that the dieter could better tolerate eating less food without cravings. Dieters need to avoid food cravings, which can drive them to binge eating and thoroughly defeat their diet. Pills that increase metabolism help to burn more calories at rest, and pills that increase insulin tolerance help to also increase exercise tolerance. This is an area where fat people often need the most help, because they get exhausted very quickly with very little exertion, which then makes it difficult to burn calories through exercise. And last but not least are the pills that reduce fat uptake within the digestive system. Green Coffee abstract is one of these types of pills that do just that. All these types of weight loss pills are discussed at great length at the portal.

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“Fast weight loss pills for” is a web site portal developed to provide current and accurate information about losing weight with pill supplementation. The portal researches brands, reviews performance and attempts to educate readers as to which ones might be right for them.