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The Tucson Personal Training Institute Is Offering a Free Body Transformation Trial

The Tucson Personal Training Institute understands the first step is often the hardest and has made it easier by now offering a free first session to encourage more people to get closer to their best.


Tucson, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/25/2014 -- Mentoring is an essential element in the transformation of potential into reality- individual’s progress much faster toward their goals with the benefit of expertise and experience gained first hand by someone willing to share that knowledge. This is the primary reason personal training is so effective, and why personal training success story Craig Jackson made personal training his vocation after transforming his body thanks to this mentoring. The Tucson Personal Training Institute now serves hundreds of clients a year, and has launched a free trial to help people understand the benefits of the system.

With exercise regimes crafted by exercise physiologists, nutrition plans created by registered dieticians, and coaching, advice and motivation provided by a qualified Tucson personal trainer, the institute provides a complete solution to every individual’s exercise needs, according to their unique bodies, diet and goals.

The free trial includes a thorough medical assessment, goal setting and body fat measurement, before undertaking a cardio warm up and thirty minute strength workout to assess current fitness capabilities and shape the fitness plan, as well as allow the personal trainer to maximize the gains individuals get from the session.

A spokesperson for The Tucson Personal Training Institute explained, “After the free trial, individuals can sign up to one of our many programs catered to a wide variety of different needs, whether it be for students, seniors, those with special needs, or individuals seeking fitness maintenance or elite fitness development. We offer a solution for every need, which is customized to every individual, and our personal trainers will understand each individual’s capabilities and aims and be completely committed to helping them achieve their best results. In this way, we offer the most comprehensive service in Arizona, and it’s because of our scientific approach that we call ourselves an institute, not a gym.”

About The Tucson Personal Training Institute
The Tucson Personal Training Institute offers a program of diet, nutrition and exercise overseen by personal training experts designed to meet the specific requirements of the individual, in order to enable them to achieve their fitness and weight loss goals. Created by personal trainer Craig Jackson, the institute offers a free trial to every prospective member. For more information please visit: