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The TV Show "Movers, Shakers & Invention Makers" Is Casting Inventors


Clearwater, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2013 -- Movers, Shakers & Invention Makers (MSIM) is a television show that takes inventors, people with products, or companies that want to get their product selling in the market. On April 7, MSIM will be holding a casting call to find some brand new inventors for the series.

MSIM has four components of the show. One component is following the inventors product through the invention process from an early prototype to a product selling in the market. A second component is “invention makeover.” Where the panel where dissect the product and marketing ability of the current product and transform it into a product that can be sold and has an established marketing plan. The third phase is where the the inventors will be put in front of a group of private investors who could immediately fund their product. And the fourth component is “man on the street” this is where their invention is put to real live test and real feedback on their product.

MSIM does all this in competitive fashion through creative contests and/or strategies that stress the strengths and weaknesses of competitors in an invention building and entertaining fashion. The overall winner will walk away with $25,000 in cash and prizes. But more importantly all the chosen contestants will come away with exposure and a better business foundation to be successful in the future.

As an enticement to encourage anybody and everybody that has even the craziest small business or product to show up, Movers, Shakers & Small Business Makers is providing in addition to the Grand Prize of $25,000, all selected contestants will get an “Infomercial” or “Commercial” for their business or product.

MSIMs’ panel includes the author of the highly acclaimed book, Mark Christopher, “Get on The Shelf”, which has helped many inventors turn their inventions into financial success.

MSIM will focus on helping small business owners improve their business, improve product awareness and/or launch their new products. Each show features up to six small business competing with each other to advance to the next round along with the moderator’s critique and suggestions on each small business providing their own unique and uncensored perspectives, in an attempt to move the projects forward.

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