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The Uber Connection Between Uber Real Estate and the Microsoft Azure Network Revealed

Understanding Uber driving forces behind the Uber Real Estate relationship


Plymouth, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2018 -- International technology powerhouse Microsoft invested in Uber Technologies. Will it do the same with Uber Real Estate? That's the deca billion dollar question that's doing the rounds today.

Uber Real Estate, a separate corporation, also known as Uber too, as it owns the trademark for, Uber, but for Real Estate, is a company that has a lot to offer its clients. For starters, some clients can earn equity after completing transactions and be shareholders.

At the heart of this relationship is Supply Side Economics, which makes it a property market company that clients will keep going back to, especially with up to a 50% discount right out of the box as compared to traditional real estate companies.

But will Uber Real Estate use Microsoft's Azure Network for deployment?

The dynamic cloud platform from Microsoft has a wide range of applications, from setting up to deployment of management solutions. The applications, which are stored on data centers managed by Microsoft, can be written to any language. It also offers the versatility of creating apps with different types of tools and frameworks. Moreover, public cloud applications can be integrated into IT environments organizations already have.

Uber Technologies - Uber (™) has evolved from a ridesharing company to a much wider and larger role, is keen on building a cutting edge data center network. That coupled with the fact that with its vision for driverless car technology, it is a competitor to Google, makes its liaison with Microsoft more naturally aligned.

Uber Real Estate - Uber (™) could deploy much the same strategy using Microsoft cloud platforms for operations by worldwide brand like Uber Technologies. This would also give Microsoft a huge reference client to every spot on the planet and make a lasting impression for Uber Everywhere, a new phrase used by, Uber Real Estate.

However, the relationship between the two powerhouses isn't new. Uber Technologies has already acquired Microsoft Cognitive Services, which are seen as an additional level of security for riders. With the help of this service, Uber ensures that its clients get all the information about the vehicle, driver before their ride arrives at the location. The information can be verified before they get into their Uber, which is an extra level of safety besides the existing ones.

Another major advantage of this service is that it is highly versatile. From picture resolution to operating systems and factor ratios of cell phones; Microsoft Cognitive Services works smartly with different parameters enabling Uber to verify the drivers at the earliest. This kind of quick innovation to offer clients a positive experience is what has made services from Microsoft an appealing prospect to Uber.

It's interesting to note that the Uber Technologies trademark for Transportation is presently valued at 14.6B.

Uber, for Real Estate has the potential of taking things a step further. The real estate market is vast with over 1,300,000 professionals in the United States alone. Those agents and brokers have USDOJ background checks and FBI Live scan Fingerprints. The process carried out by the Federal agencies takes approximately seven weeks and is considered the most thorough, which offers Uber Technologies respite from direct liability and horrible headline risk over background checks assuming they used agents as drivers and were employees.

Uber Technologies had help from Microsoft during the process. From initial API support to 1000 users, the service was scaled up to a million and the tech giant delivered within a few weeks. Cutting edge technologies like Face API will become a norm and Uber will use it for a safer experience for its clients.

Does Microsoft Azure fit into its future plans with Uber Real Estate? It might already have.

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