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The UK Business Email Directory Provides Accurate Contact Information for UK Businesses


British Columbia, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2012 -- High quality, targeted email lists can be an incredibly lucrative part of a marketing strategy. Generally these lists are tailored specifically to include businesses in specific industries, carrying a direct marketing message to relevant decision makers at a very low cost. This leads to a very high ROI for the businesses who are wise enough to employ this message amplification technique.

One UK based email list website which is getting a lot of attention recently is The UK Business Email Directory. This is a company that sells verified contact information of businesses in the UK. Their lists have an exceptional reputation for being an invaluable B2B marketing resource.

The UK Business Email Directory uses meticulous and detailed research methods to put together their UK email lists. Unlike most of their competitors, all their research is done in house and manually, for maximum accuracy. They also send an email to every address on their list every few months in order to weed out addresses that have bounced.

The lists don’t just include emails, they also include additional information such as website addresses and geographical location. This can help businesses with a local focus find more relevant leads.

The UK Business Email Directory website provides full details about the types of industry that they collect information about. This covers almost every section of the UK economy, from advertising agencies to vets, and everything in between. This means that no matter what industry needs to be reached, The UK Business Email Directory has a list to reach only the most relevant decision makers.

A spokesperson for The UK Business Email Directory said: “We strive to provide the most accurate email mailing lists available for businesses in the UK. All of our lists are meticulously researched over many thousands of hours, and the records are constantly being checked and revised to maintain our extremely high standards of accuracy. It’s standard practice for companies to change their contact information occasionally, but we make sure our lists are continually revised to be as up to date as possible. We have over half a million email addresses available for sale. They are a phenomenal resource for creating leads, building sales, and increasing profits.”

About The UK Business Email Directory
The UK Business Email Directory is owned and operated by APC Services Ltd a British managed offshore outsourcing company operating in Hong Kong and the Philippines where their core business activities include web research, data entry and data processing.

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