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The Ultimate Herpes Protocol - a Scam or Worth Investing In?


Oakland Gardens, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2014 -- The Ultimate Herpes Protocol, is a step by step guide aiming towards helping victims of the herpes disease to get rid of this viral disease using natural remedies. It is a detailed program that has been specifically designed to help protect the herpes patients from the adverse effects of the expensive chemical formulas and drugs circulated in the market by the business-minded pharmaceutical companies. This report has been put together by Melanie Addington (an ex-herpes patient) with the help of her father who is a famous doctor in Britain.

Herpes is a highly contagious disease. The most common forms of herpes are oral and genital herpes. The most basic symptoms include sores or blisters around the mouth or genital areas. In severe cases the virus may infect and damage the eyes, the nervous system or even cause extreme swelling and damage of the brain tissue. Furthermore, it also makes the human body more susceptible to the HIV virus according to the University of Washington. Last but not the least, the effects of the inevitable emotional stress and trauma that result from the embarrassment faced in personal and social relationships for the affected are indeed immeasurable.

Although, the virus may be suppressed for some time with the help of medicinal drugs(Acyclovir), a complete cure that eliminates the virus from the body has not been developed by the medical industry to date. Once affected, it stays with the victim for the rest of his/ her life. Under such circumstances, a natural treatment that addresses the root cause of the virus and guarantees a life-time riddance from the same is no less than a miracle. Such is Melanie Addington’s “Ultimate Herpes Protocol” – the miraculous natural solution which can eradicate the herpes virus from the body for good. The effectiveness of the results of this protocol have been proven by both; a huge pharmaceutical company as well as a field research conducted in Hungary.


The guaranteed results of the Ultimate Herpes Protocol are actually consequent to the fact that the program is designed to attack the virus from three different angles. Firstly, it lays down seven very simple but yet highly effective ways that can help one strengthen their immune system against the virus by cleansing the body of the toxins that make it weak in the first place. Secondly, the program underlines methods to help dissolve the protective protein coat of the virus that make it easier for the body’s immune system to combat against it. Thirdly and most importantly, the program explains measures that can be taken in order to help stop the virus from multiplying.

The Ultimate Herpes Protocol has numerous advantages including but not restricted to the following:
- A stronger immune system
- Reduced headaches, fatigue and stomach problems
- No harmful side effects
- Guaranteed life time riddance from herpes virus

More than 7,500 men and women from around the world suffering from herpes virus previously have discovered their life time cure and freedom from herpes with the help of the Ultimate Herpes Protocol.
“I’ve had a severe herpes infection for seven years. I’ve tried all the herpes therapies you can think of, including all the herbs, MMS and ridiculously expensive ozone. What has brought me the most relief – and I mean no more symptoms and they couldn’t find a trace of the virus in my body – is your treatment. It has also taken care of the neuralgia associated with the infection”, said Marcus W. from Parma, Ohio.

As of now, the Ultimate Herpes Protocol is available for only $37 which is a 62% discount from the original $59 with a 60-day money back guarantee. The discount is a limited time offer up till the Herpes Awareness Day. The protocol comes with two free priceless bonuses; a superb guide for online dating tips by Scott Valdez, a virtual dating expert, and another report by Melanie Addington, “Happy Now– Leaving Negativity and Depression Behind”.