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The Ultimate New Year's Resolution? New Book Provides 'Daily Keys to Success' for a Thriving Career & Life.

Written by business leader Randy Kay, ‘Daily Keys to Success’ contains 366 topics to help any reader live their life to the fullest. The book’s universal principals, skills and practices are applicable to everything from learning new skills and improving interpersonal relationships right through to excelling at any career. For those wanting to make 2014 their best yet, Kay’s book is a must-have.

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Carlsbad, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2014 -- With millions vowing to work a little harder, spend more time with family or even take up that long-time desired hobby in 2014, history shows that most will break their New Year’s resolution by the time February rolls in. However, a hugely-powerful new book by Randy Kay uses daily ‘keys’ to help readers improve all areas of their life – permanently!

‘Daily Keys to Success: Essentials for a Thriving Career and Life’ adopts a calendar format and contains 366 topics that guarantee anyone more potential, solid personal success and lifetime of true significance.


DAILY KEYS TO SUCCESS is an inexhaustible reservoir of insights and teachings that will challenge you to devote your attention to new ways of thriving – right now. It could be new skills, or it could be the first step toward an exciting adventure that follows your dreams, or it could be a unique learning experience, one that fills you with fresh awareness and excitement.

Daily Keys to Success is arranged by calendar day for daily growth. It brings you a wealth of fresh, diverse, and captivating developmental material and insights. You’ll find: - Topics of interest for any individual from professionals desiring to grow their career to people wanting to improve their life skills and overall satisfaction. - Inspiring, real-life stories and proven principles that illuminate important ideas and offer practical applications to make your life the best it can be. - Thought-provoking concepts and corresponding quotations from notable individuals in every sphere of life.

The author makes it clear that every strategy his book shares has been heavily tested and proven.

“This isn’t just a book of wisdom, it’s a hand-holding guide with solid and concrete strategies that have already been put to use successfully by thousands. All readers need to do is adopt the book’s patterns of thinking, working and living. Everything is laid out in a daily calendar format to ensure success – in fact – I guarantee success if you follow the book to the letter!” says Kay, CEO of a Strategic and Human Resources company.

Continuing, “There’s also plenty of room for personal exploration. For example, the book works with readers to identify and align their priorities, working out what’s most important to them so that their existing goals can be met and exceeded.”

Early reviews for the book have been overwhelmingly positive. For example, the infamous Brian Tracy comments, “This inspiring and motivating book is loaded with nuggets of wisdom and insight to lift your spirits and drive you forward.”

Another reader was equally as impressed, adding, “When you need daily hope and inspiration, this is the book that will jumpstart your day. With 366 entries—one for extra measure—you’re sure to find just the fresh perspective you need. Daily Keys to Success is a book to keep with you all the time, like a leadership bible.”

‘Daily Keys to Success: Essentials for a Thriving Career and Life’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1et5SvN.

For more information, visit: http://www.randywkay.com.

About Randy Kay
Randy Kay is a business leader, entrepreneur, trainer, and coach who, as an executive and advisor to start-ups and several Fortune 500 companies, has contributed to the success of thousands of top performers. His numerous promotions and attainment of the highest accolades within each of the organizations in which Kay has participated speak to his career success, while his leadership in charitable organizations and strong family life give voice to Kay’s personal success. As Chief Executive Officer of the strategic and human resources company, TenorCorp, Kay counsels and supports market-leading organizations all over the world. He has lectured at several companies and teaching institutions such as his alma mater, Northwestern University, as well as at several religious institutions following his ordination as a minister. Kay’s writings and teaching are changing the way professionals and contributors of all kinds define and work toward success.