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The Ultimate Resource for Attorneys to Get Their PI Clients the Medical Care They Need Is Available from MedCare Solutions

MedCare Solutions Introduces the All-In-One Tool That Saves Attorneys Time, Money, and Energy in Providing Staff with a Solution Designed to Handle All 70 Requests for All Specialties


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/13/2016 -- Personal injury patients usually encounter issues when it comes to obtaining medical treatment. This is why the ability to obtain funding for a personal injury lien can help any lawyer who has PI clients who are not able to receive the treatment they need. As personal injury lien funding specialists, MedCare Solutions makes it easy for physicians and healthcare facilities to accept these kinds of patients.

However, even after receiving said funding, the process for finding a provider, obtaining the necessary care, managing all points of contact, and securing financial transactions can be arduous at best. The overwhelming task also inevitably results in the attorney's office spending unnecessary resources not only in terms of money but in time and energy as well. For this reason, MedCare Solutions is proud to introduce its streamlined new online system that puts everything an attorney needs all in one place. Medcare Solutions' many years of experience have taught them what works best and what is inefficient. Their highly organized and intuitively designed client portal website truly sets them apart from their competitors and puts a powerful new tool at the disposal of attorneys that they can, in turn, use to bring in more clients of their own.

The new MedCare Solutions attorney-friendly website allows attorney offices to efficiently cover a myriad of tasks quickly and easily. From finding difficult-to find-specialties in their area that will accept their clients on a medical lien and LOP basis to getting prompt digital authorizations – all transactions take place in one central location. Whether it's orthopedic care, neurological care, an MRI/CT, pharmaceutical, ophthalmology, psychology, dentistry or transport needs, providers are easily searchable and payments are made in the portal directly to MedCare Solutions – making the overall process that much less complicated than it otherwise would be. Attorneys are conveniently able to track clients, refer them, and see an overview of all their cases – including emphasis on those that are higher priority than others. Medical records are brought up on screen with up-to-date balances statements at the click of a button and, of course, all communications are readily available for sorting back through as needed.

"We are truly excited to share this new online tool with the attorneys whom we serve and the many more we hope to serve. It will make your staff's lives much easier, help them save tremendously on resources, and – of course – enable your clients to get the necessary care they need," shared MedCare Solutions Founder Dr. Kamran Abdo. "What makes us most proud perhaps is how much this custom designed portal sets us apart in this industry due to many, many years of hard work and experience learning about and listening to our customers and their needs."

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About MedCare Solutions
MedCare Solutions is the nationwide leader in providing a unique financial solution to healthcare facilities and healthcare providers. Through their Lien, LOP and Worker's Comp Funding Program, they reimburse quality medical care for patients who have been injured as a result of a motor vehicle accident or other type of personal injury accident, including worker's compensation cases. MedCare Solutions delivers a fast and effective health care financing solution. Their medical accounts receivable financing program is easy to initiate and delivers immediate bottom-line results.