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Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2012 -- Our modern era is hyper-focused on development and growth where each day, technology continues to astonish people with its surprising evolution. It was only a decade or two ago when laptops were known to be the best invention ever in the history of mankind and now, almost half the U.S. population owns a laptop or some other mobile computing device. However, along with this ubiquity, comes the risk of theft of our gadgets which now includes our laptops. Laptop theft has become a common occurrence today. According to the F.B.I., about 53% of laptops are stolen and 12,000 laptops go missing or stolen each week in U.S. airports alone! Knowing this, the global volume of stolen laptops must be staggering.

This daunting challenge has again called for the ingenious help of science and technology to help curb a human inspired problem. The solution has come in the form of device tracker software that can track your laptop’s whereabouts using wifi signal triangulation and give you access to its files from a remote location without a thief's knowledge that they are being watched and tracked. Movie and TV buffs may be familiar with this type of software, as they have seen the concept at work in spy thrillers like, Mission Impossible, Eagle Eye and Showtime's mini-series, Homeland. It is now possible for laptop owners to implement this type of technology to protect their personal laptop. The software may not prevent your laptop from getting stolen, but you can download important files, and then wipe it of any data that can be sold to unscrupulous ID thieves. When bad luck strikes and your laptop goes missing, you can now employ device tracker software that can provide location signals to you at any time. For instance, someone on a business trip carrying her laptop as usual, but unfortunately, loses it at the airport. Finding herself helpless at the moment, she could go to another computer and login to her device tracker software which was installed on her laptop. Doing so would allow her to access any important business files from a distant place and also to contact the police to help her catch the thief by pinpointing the laptop's location to within several feet and reclaim it. Laptop theft can prove to be a fruitless endeavor with device tracker software.

Well designed laptop tracker software goes beyond simple location-based tracking.

At the owner's discretion, can also put a laptop lock on their machine so that the thief is unable to access any information and rendure the laptop useless by locking the keyboard and mouse. On the other hand, left unlocked, the device tracker software can be used to actively monitor the thief's internet activity, take laptop cam snapshots of him or her, sound an alarm, download and delete important files, etc.. Most will find the geolocation of their laptop most comforting knowing that it will provide the exact location of their laptop so that law enforcement officers can confiscate it.

If device trackers are adopted as a must-have security item by laptop owners, much the same way Anti-virus, Firewalls, and Anti-Spy software then, software like could make a effective dent in the growing problem of laptop theft and add to their peace-of-mind.

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As a laptop owner, protecting your laptop with all its precious and private data should be your main concern as it has vital and often irreplaceable information stored in it. Taking a proactive approach to protecting your laptop's security and being ready to take immediate action when bad luck strikes, will put you back in control when it matters the most. Afterall, the longer you own your laptop, the more private files it will hold. People should always be vigilant with their laptops and can add to their overall security with the aid of in order to turn the table on laptop thieves. For further information about our security software, feel free to visit

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