The Unique VitaBreeze Guarantee - 60 Days or It's Free


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/24/2014 -- Many companies claim a satisfaction guarantee, but consumers must first surmount a mountain of conditions. VitaBreeze offers a 60-day-or-it’s-free, no questions asked guarantee for a hassle free return policy on its popular glucosamine supplement.

“Everyone doesn’t respond in the same way to any given substance,” said VitaBreeze spokesperson, Michelle O’Sullivan. “We don’t believe customers should have to pay for something if it doesn’t work for them. That’s why we developed our one-of-a-kind guarantee.”

Glucosamine is a substance the body manufactures naturally. It’s used to build and maintain cartilage, a soft tissue that keeps joints functioning smoothly, efficiently and pain free. When cartilage deteriorates due to age, disease or injury, bone rubs against bone causing inflammation, swelling and pain that intensifies upon movement.

Glucosamine is also a natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. When the body can’t or doesn’t produce enough glucosamine, a supplement can provide essential nutrients. The VitaBreeze formula incorporates glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM, all of which the body needs and produces on its own for joint health. Turmeric is a botanical anti-inflammatory that’s included in the supplement to augment pain relief.

Prescription pharmaceuticals provide quick relief of joint pain symptoms, but do nothing to address the underlying cause and can have deadly consequences. It has been suggested in many studies that glucosamine is as effective as many physician-prescribed medications, but without the side effects.
The benefits of a glucosamine supplement are cumulative and consumers typically experience relief within two months. The VitaBreeze guarantee enables individuals to use the supplement for a full 60 days for the full effect. If for some reason it doesn’t work for them, they are invited to request a full refund.

Many mainstream physicians are recommending a 1,500mg daily dosage of a glucosamine supplement for joint pain. Rheumatologists advise taking a supplement that utilizes the sulfate form of glucosamine, as it’s the most effective and offers optimum benefits. The VitaBreeze formula meets both of those criteria.

The 60-day-or-it’s-free guarantee offered by VitaBreeze offers one of the best values available for consumers and is available exclusively on It provides people suffering with joint pain a full two months to try the supplement and experience its benefits for less pain and a return to a more active lifestyle.

About VitaBreeze
VitaBreeze is a nutraceutical brand that manufactures high-quality natural supplements to help people live a healthy, enjoyable and longer life. All of the company’s products are manufactured in the United States using the finest quality ingredients that have been carefully selected, tested and crafted into the firm’s formulas.

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Benjamin Lasance