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The University Pain Medicine Center Cares for Patients with Diabetic Neuropathy


Somerset, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/22/2017 -- In their search for the best and most reliable treatments, all patients can find solace in the pain clinics of the University Pain Medicine Center. Serving Somerset, NJ and surrounding towns, their doctors possess the skills and equipment to diagnosis and treat a plethora of medical conditions. The founder of the medical practice, Dr. Didier Demesmin, has been declared one of NJ's finest doctors, year after year. He and his team of specialists bring an exceptionalism into their profession. Utilizing all of their skills in anesthesiology and pain medicine, their doctors are caring for patients with diabetic neuropathy.

As a family of nerve disorders, diabetic neuropathy is a direct consequence of diabetes. If left untreated, diabetes can wreak havoc on the body, causing nerve damage throughout. In some cases, the symptoms of nerve damage can be inconspicuous—no more than slight tingling or numbness of the limbs. Interconnecting all parts of the body, damaged nerves can extend to any organ, including the digestive and sexual. Because symptoms begin as minor annoyances, it may take years or decades before they manifest into unbearable or debilitating conditions.

After a doctor of the University Pain Medicine Center has diagnosed a patient with diabetic neuropathy, treatments may include a number of options. Initially, the first step of any plan will be restoring blood glucose levels, reducing the chance of any additional nerve damage. With glucose levels safe and monitored, doctors may then employ pain-relief procedures to soothe affected areas.

Anyone who is suffering from diabetes or diabetic neuropathy should contact the staff of the University Pain Medicine at 732-823-0028. Whether one is located in Brooklyn, NY or Somerset, NJ, their doctors specialize in non-surgical therapy for long-lasting and effective pain-relief.

About The University Pain Medicine Center
The University Pain Medicine Center is a medical practice that is committed to helping patients manage their acute and chronic pain or recover from their injuries. In particular, they specialize in using minimally invasive techniques treatment options and procedures to help patients find relief from back, neck, knee, hip, shoulder pain, and much more. Their board-certified physicians work out of five office locations in New Jersey and New York, and those who would like to learn more about the practice, or find the nearest location, are encouraged to visit