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The University Pain Medicine Center Has Treatment Options for Cervical Postlaminectomy Syndrome


Somerset, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2017 -- Individuals who are suffering from residual pain following spinal surgery, particularly unsuccessful surgery, may have developed cervical postlaminectomy syndrome. While many people have very successful spinal surgery, some individuals continue to experience pain following the procedure. Anyone who believes they may be experiencing this syndrome is advised to visit the University Pain Medicine Center to receive a thorough diagnosis. With proper treatment, individuals can find back pain relief at their office near East Windsor, NJ or any of their other locations.

Cervical Postlaminectomy is characterized by persistent dull, achy pain in the arm or neck following neck surgery. Individuals with thoracic or lumbar postlaminectomy may also experience pain in the back or leg. Patients may even experience sharp pain in their extremities. This condition may be caused by scarring, also known as epidural fibrosis, recurrent disc herniation, or infection in the disc space. The physician will conduct a preliminary physical examination, and then may request imaging such as an X-ray, EMG, or MRI to help find the source of the pain.

The University Pain Medicine Center has several noninvasive options for treatment of cervical postlaminectomy. The physician will discuss the available options with the patient to determine how best to relieve their pain. One option is spinal cord stimulation, which is a small device placed under the skin that then sends mild electrical currents to the spinal cord, effectively interrupting the pain signals to the brain. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) follows a similar principal, but it is placed on the outside of the skin. Another option is epidural injections, which their Cranbury Township, NJ patients have found to be beneficial for this and other conditions.

Anyone who is experiencing symptoms of this condition and would like to find relief is encouraged to make an appointment with the University Pain Medicine Center today by calling 732-823-0028.

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