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The University Pain Medicine Center Offers Lumbar Sympathetic Block for Pain Relief


Somerset, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/29/2016 -- Chronic back pain is a common condition that stops millions of Americans from living the lives they want, sidelining them from both work and leisure. However, the University Pain Medicine Center, which offers lower back pain treatment to residents of New Brunswick, NJ, and surrounding areas, offers minimally-invasive procedures for lasting relief. One such procedure is a lumbar sympathetic block injection.

Lumbar sympathetic block treatment is appropriate for patients who experience back pain and inflammation due to issues with the sympathetic nerves. The sympathetic nerves, which run along both sides of the spine, are associated with unconscious functions like circulation and digestion. When irritated, however, this inconspicuous nerves suddenly become quite noticeable to patients who suffer back pain as a result. Lumbar sympathetic block treatment consists of an injection (or several) that numbs the nerves in the lower back, bringing relief to the patient and helping doctors identify and treat nerve-related problems.

During lumbar sympathetic block treatment, the patient lays on their stomach side and is given relaxing medicine. After numbing the injection site, the physician inserts a needle and guides it to the sympathetic nerves. An injection of medicine numbs and soothes inflamed nerves, and can provide other benefits depending on the patient's needs.

Pain does not have to be a way of life. For minimally invasive pain treatment that helps patients manage symptoms and get back to the daily work and leisure activities they enjoy, schedule a consultation with the University Pain Medicine Center. An appointment with this back pain doctor conveniently located near New Brunswick, NJ, can be made online or by calling 732-873-6868.

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