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The University Pain Medicine Center Offers Various Treatment Options for Those with Football Injuries


Somerset, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2017 -- The University Pain Medicine Center, the leading pain specialists of Edison, NJ, offers various treatment options for those with football injuries. Some common football injuries that the University Pain Medicine Center is capable of treating are knee pain, herniated discs, ligament sprains or tears, and so much more. The pain clinic would also like to emphasize how important it is to stretch, warm-up, and cool down before and after any physical activity to reduce the chance of injury.

Not only has professional football started back up across the nation, but the fall sport has also begun for kids, high school students, as well as college students. To stay injury free, the University Pain Medicine Center reminds participants to drink a lot of water when active, always wear protective gear, and immediately schedule an appointment with one of the clinic's doctors should an injury occur.

Those suffering from shoulder pain can turn to the University Pain Medicine Center for shoulder pain treatment in Edison, NJ, should they have pain that lasts more than a couple of days. Upon arrival to the pain facility, the patient will undergo a physical examination and diagnostic tests to positively diagnose and treat the injury. Patients will likely be prescribed anti-inflammatory medication, one of their other forms of treatment, and lots of rest if their shoulder pain is severe enough.

The University Pain Medicine Center is passionate about helping those with chronic and acute pains, returning patients to happy and comfortable lives. To learn more about the various treatment options available at the pain clinic, please visit their website,

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