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The University Pain Medicine Center Treats Patients Dealing with Facet Joint Syndrome


Somerset, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2017 -- The University Pain Medicine Center is pleased to announce that treatment options and procedures are available for those suffering from facet joint syndrome. Since the beginning, the physicians at the University Pain Medicine Center have been helping patients all over Middlesex County, NJ and beyond find lower back pain relief, as well as relief from many other types of painful conditions with their minimally invasive treatment options and procedures.

Facet joint syndrome is an intermittent and unpredictable pain that people experience at the joint between connected spinal vertebrae. Each vertebrae has a facet joint on each side of it. These joints contain a lining of cartilage that allows them to glide smoothly over the ligaments surrounding the joint.

Facet joint pain occurs when the joint is degenerating, which also causes friction between the joint and symptoms such as pain, tenderness, and stiffness. A decline in spinal flexibility is also common. Facet joint syndrome can be caused by an injury, aging, and maximum pressure being placed on the joints.

The University Pain Medicine Center's team of certified pain management physicians meet with each patient to develop a customized treatment plan that can include options such as a facet joint injection/medial branch block, physical therapy, or laser facet thermal ablation. Inevitably, the medical practice, which operates out of five locations throughout New Jersey and New York, uses the healthcare industry's latest and most effective techniques and technology to provide minimally invasive solutions for their patients' chronic pain.

Patients looking for a reputable back pain doctor in Middlesex, NJ can turn to the University Pain Medicine Center for an appointment to discuss treatment options for facet joint syndrome and other forms of back pain. This medical practice can be contacted by calling 732-355-8068 or by visiting their website and requesting an appointment online.

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The University Pain Medicine Center is a medical practice that is committed to helping patients manage their acute and chronic pain or recover from their injuries. In particular, they specialize in using minimally invasive techniques treatment options and procedures to help patients find relief from back, neck, knee, hip, shoulder pain, and much more. Their board-certified physicians work out of five office locations in New Jersey and New York, and those who would like to learn more about the practice, or find the nearest location, are encouraged to visit